Friday, June 19, 2009

Big and Little

I remember as a kid there were two girls named Nicki on our street which can be confusing for kids, so since one was a "little kid" we called her "Little Nicki" and the other one was only a year younger than me, we called her "Big Nicki." Now, I will say that we didn't call either of them "big" or "little" to their face it was just how we referred to them when talking about them.

So fast forward 25 years or so and Caroline and Bryce have some "big" and "little" friends. When the kids first started at their school, in Bryce's class were two boys named Dylan. One was a little younger than Bryce, hence "Little Dylan" and one was a little older than Bryce, hence "Big Dylan." "Big Dylan" is also the taller of the two boys, but not by much. "Big Dylan" has now graduated to Caroline's class so there is only one Dylan in each but they still refer to them by "big" and "little." The funny thing to me though is that while I never called either Nicki by big or little, Caroline and Bryce do.

The other morning I took them in and Big Dylan had a new haircut (um, a very spikey mohawk that was shaved down to the skin on the sides!). Bryce started giggling and was like "Big Dylan, what happened to your hair?!" And when I've picked them up on occassion I know they've said good bye to "Little Dylan."

I know on things that we've gotten sent home with all the kids names on them, they will say the Dylan's name with their last initial by it kind of like we always did in elementary school, so I think that is how the teachers refer to them at their school. I just love how kids come up with their own terms to keep them sorted out in their minds. And I especially love that they are doing some of the same things I did as a kid.

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