Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bagel Day

Since I had a "free" morning with the kids, I decided to finally make homemade bagels I'd been wanting to make. It really wasn't hard at all; it just took a while. But even then, it wasn't so bad. I am pretty happy with them and would make them again. Caroline loved them but Bryce was only so-so about them. Of course, he had no interest in the creamed cheese, so he was missing half the delight! Next time, I'd like to make cinnamon raisin or something like that. Maybe blueberry? The rest of the day was spent dealing with fevers. Caroline's went up to about 104 at one point and Bryce was feeling generally rotten complaining of a sore throat and a cough. Piper wasn't feverish but she just wasn't very happy about much of anything. Plus, I was avoiding turning on the AC so I was a bit sweaty and frustrated. Sick kids = needy kids and boys, was I needed. In between fevers though, the kids splashed in their pool on the deck, made magazine collages It would have been a great day to lounge by the pool but that just wasn't in the cards. Piper had a BALL in the pool for the first time, as expected, and the big kids got a kick out of her excitement. Bryce also peed off the deck for the first time while he was wet which was so much of a novelty, he purposely went out on the deck after dinner for a repeat performance - Jason was not thrilled. Not sure if the kids will go to school or not tomorrow - we'll see how the night goes. My mom has Piper tomorrow so I'm guessing she'd help out in a pinch. Being sick when it's hot really does suck!

Just kneaded and formed bagels - post 2nd rise:

Boiling bagels....

Waiting for the bagels to finish baking:
Golden, tasty, fresh bagels!Caroline says YUM!
Even lots of jelly couldn't convince Bryce they were as good as we said:


Heather said...

Those bagels look SO YUMMY! Mmmm! Boiling them is the best!

Katie said...

you rock!