Sunday, June 28, 2009

At the Beeps

We arrived just after 2pm yesterday and we're getting settled in. The kids are still acclimating and are a bit on the haywire side. The house is so big that it's kind of hard to keep track of them plus they are running a muck and doing lots of singing and yelling. Bedtime was a bit tough last night even though they'd had some pool time and plenty of exercise during the latter part of the day. They were just tooooooo excited. Piper slept okay in the pack and play in our room but I slept pretty lightly just waiting for her to wake up screaming. So now we've all had breakfast and we're waiting to get ready to go out on the beach - we don't want to get out there too early. Piper is snoozing for her morning nap, Kevin/Kelly are still sleeping, and my mom, grandmother and aunt are reorganizing the kitchen! (They do this every year so they have an easier time finding things.) The KY relatives won't arrive until later today so the house still seems a little empty.

Being a "bad" mother, I didn't bring any games for the kids because in past years because they never play them - well this year, it figures they are asking for them. Might have to stop off at the dollar store.

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