Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Stormy Evening

Being that Baltimore is in a bit of a thunderstorm pattern at the moment, I'm in a bit of a rough spot. Caroline remains scared of the storms and because of that has been giving us a lot of problems at bedtime and during the night because that is when the storms mostly hit. I've already visited this morning and ordered these books: Thunder Cake, Franklin and the Thunderstorm (she likes Franklin), Party in the Sky (written by a mom who was tired of her kids coming into her bed during thunderstorms), Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll (for the "science" of it all). So it will be a little while before they are delivered but in the meantime I'll continue talking to her about it. We have good discussions/conversations about it during non-storm time but once a storm hits, all bets are off.

Plus, given that most of our storms happen at night, you've got the combined fear of dark/storms making it worse. And on 2 previous occasions I've (against better judgment) let her stay up with us or get into bed with us. I don't want those to continue and I hate that she's so scared, so I really want to help her through this. It's just quite frustrating that it's happening at bedtime which is already a tough time at our house with kids getting out of bed for no reason. It just takes a long time to get them settled down some nights and a storm just makes it worse. And last night it was barely even a storm and it freaked Caroline out.

I think my kids would be happy to sleep with ALL the lights in the house on. They each have a glow friend that is on all night but I guess that's still not enough. Let alone the fact that we are just down the hall once we go to bed. I know this is normal but I hate it.

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