Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to Your Motha

So my Mother's Day has begun. Piper was up at 6:45 ready to eat eat eat and soon after the other two followed. While I was laying in bed feeding the hungry little bugger, Bryce bounded in, leaned over me and gave me a big wet kiss wishing me a "Happy Mudder's Day." I could hear the excitement in their voices downstairs a short while later knowing that Jason had gotten out the gifts they made me in school. I could barely get into the kitchen before I was being flanked to open their prezzies.

Caroline made me a card that apologized for giving me the same gift as last year and made me a wooden bead necklace, complete with jingling bells that says #1 Mother. Bryce gave me a cute little photo holder complete with a funny little photo of him taken at school. He's not really smiling in it and when I asked him why not, he said it was because he "couldn't see well" because of how sunny it was. I don't know if I was more tickled by the photo or his correct usage of the world "well."

Jason followed it up with a very sweet card and some Burt's Bees goodies he knows I always enjoy. As for the rest of the morning, I made Vegetable No Noodle Lasagna in the crock and then did some more refereeing between the ever bickering siblings. They keep asking to go outside and I just don't feel like it yet. Mainly because I have this cold and I just feel kind of lousy. Plus, yesterday at the park, we barely lasted an hour because both of them were bothered by their allergies. (The park is surrounded mostly by oak trees - great.) I just know how it will end - Bryce will rub his eyes after touching something and be miserable 5 minutes later.

I wish we could open the windows on such a beautiful day too but it's just not worth it for his sake. I hate having the AC on in May.

I'm hoping to go to Lowe's or Home Depot later to get some flowers and supplies for planting. It's Mother's Day so the threat of frost is now passed. I already asked the kids if they wanted to go and they told me no. They said daddy could go with me, but that doesn't exactly leave the kids very well supervised, does it? I think they need to rethink their plans.


Jammie J. said...

Based on one of your previous posts, I'm thinking it was fortunate that Bryce wished you "Happy Mudder's Day" and not "Happy Udder's Day" *giggles inappropriately*

I know, I'm twelve sometimes...

Your kids are so adorable... Caroline apologizing for the same gift is very cute.

Awww, I wish you guys could go to the park. Allergies suck. :( I say go to Home Depot, it's very relaxing to walk through their plant department (at least I've always thought so). :)

Jammie J. said...

P.S. I hope you feel better soon...

Katie said...

Bravo to you for cooking dinner on Mom's day.
Let me know how the no noodle lasagna turned out. I usually try your recipes ;-)

Hope you have a great day!