Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thunder Feet

Bryce has 2 volumes - loud and LOUDER. OH.MA.GAH. Since the kid was born he's been loud. He was a loud crier, screamer, and now as a 3 1/2 year old, he's still loud. He just doesn't know how to be quiet. We've talked to him over and over about using a smaller voice (we did a whole activity in using tangible objects to help him understand the size of your voice) but nothing seems to work. He's just loud. I don't think he's capable of whispering. Right now, he's running laps around the house singing and it's LOUDER than the vacuum cleaner that is also running.

I know Caroline can be loud, but she knows how to turn it down. Bryce is either asleep or loud. He even yells in his sleep sometimes and he's certainly the loudest at night when he wakes up. And aside from being loud vocally, he also doesn't know how to walk quietly. (Jason says he gets this from me.) But he takes it to a new level. Loud walking/stomping is louder than loud voices when you're trying to get/keep a baby asleep. It's like a little earthquake all through the house.

I kind of think that Bryce just has a voice that carries, much like my brother's does. Kevin's voice carries to all corners of a room if he's not even talking loud. Great for being on stage, I guess but Bryce isn't ready to make his Broadway debut. Bryce starts talking the second he gets up and has no understanding how how loud he is and how he wakes EVERYONE up once he's up. Maybe he'll have a career in announcing someday.

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