Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slamming Doors in My Face, Already!

This is just plain cute to see the happiness on her face just from opening and shutting a door. A more advanced game of peek a boo, I think. (This went on for a while after I stopped recording - she cannot get enough!)

She just loves to shut doors - she crawls around looking for doors to shut. In fact, this evening, I finished dressing her after her bath and put her down in her room so I could go and finish bathing Bryce. Jason had just come upstairs to finish folding some laundry so I figured he was right there if she needed anything. As I was trying to keep Bryce focused to let me scrub him, I heard Piper start crying. Not screaming, just crying and I figured she was mad at Jason about something. I finished Bryce's bath as Piper kept crying and when I dried him off I went to see what was wrong. Poor Piper! She had "locked" herself in her room and was just sobbing because she was all alone and couldn't get out. Jason thought I'd put her in her crib while I finished up and figured she was crying because she was mad that I'd put her in her crib already. She had giant tears and was catching her breath when I picked her up. But she was also very tired after a busy day so she was allllll ready for a pre-bedtime nursing session during which she promptly passed out.


Bracken said...

such a cuttie. She was definitely having fun with that door.

Heather said...

Watch those little fingers don't get stuck! Ouch! She's a cutie!

Unknown said...

LOL! I love her little giggle!!! She's at a great age. :)