Sunday, May 31, 2009

Schwimmin' Pools

Oh boy, first day in Bertie and Pop Pop's pool. Who cares that that the water was cold and not quite clear yet - certainly not MY kids. Caroline changed into her suit faster than a jack rabbit and Bryce was close behind. I put Piper into her suit but left a regular diaper on underneath because I was NOT getting in with her.

The big news of the day for Caroline is that she can now touch! She was so excited to get in and be able to just stand there. On her tip toes, I think, but that's a big thing for her. She's a pretty good swimmer for never having a real lesson (although mommy was a WSI in college), but now she doesn't really need her swimmies anymore.

Bryce wore his swimmies but was more hesitant than Caroline to really go swimming. I think he takes a little longer to feel confident in the water. But he was content getting in and out, in and out. My mom sat on the side of the pool with Piper not quite sure what to expect since the big kids had been tentative on their first swimming experience. Well, Piper is showing us again she is NOT like her siblings. It was like trying to keep a fish out of the water. All she wanted to do was lean in and splash. When my mom went in to get the kids a snack, I took over and she just wanted to lay on the side and "swim" her arms and put the top of her head in. Seriously, we've got a baby mermaid on our hands.

We finally made them get out after their 2nd time in because I looked over and couldn't believe how blue Caroline's lips were and Bryce's weren't much better. But I think just the fact that they finally got to get in was enough and based on how easy bed time was, I think they wore themselves out.

Here's a little video of how thrilled Piper was by all the splashing and pool fun she was experiencing for the first time. Just wait till she gets in!!!

Oh and side note, the suit she's wearing is a Gymbo suit that my mom got Piper when she was born thinking that maybe she'd wear it at the beach. She got it in a 3-6 month size. It fits her perfectly right now - I can't believe how big it would have been on a 7 week old! (She got a 3-6 month size b/c of Caroline and Bryce being 9lbs at birth and figured baby 3 would be too.)

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