Saturday, May 23, 2009


Whew, we made it through the week. In a way, I got a mini-vacation this week, but in other ways it was a rough week. I really needed a 3 day weekend this week! Let's see, where to start?

Jason had a remote training session all week each day down in Columbia so that meant that he wasn't able to do his usual daycare pickup. But thankfully, he didn't need to be there until 9:30am each day when meant that he was there every morning this week to help out. And let me tell you, this was a well timed week because with my lack of hearing in my left ear, I would have certainly slept through my alarm clock every day and just not had the ability to get myself moving very fast. I am so grateful it worked out the way it did because I just felt/feel so off and my patience has been wearing thin. So the mornings were definitely a bonus and because Jason was here, the kids were in better spirits with the non-routine daddy time and so that made everything nicer too.

So Monday morning started fast with me getting to work and trying desperately to get into see an ENT about my ear since I was still in a lot of pain. I left early for the ENT appointment at 1pm and picked up the big kids since my MIL had Piper. My MIL had made dinner for us, so thankfully I didn't have to rush to get dinner started when I got home.

Then on Tuesday, another easy start to the day and Jason said he'd drop Piper off which meant one less stop on my way to work but because Tuesdays involve 2 daycare pickups by 4:30, I had to leave at 3:30. So I had already been off Thursday/Friday of the week before and only there a half day on Monday and then a shorter day on Tuesday. Plus, we were short staffed all week because of graduation and all of our GAs and student workers were out. Ack!!

Then Wednesday, my mom had all 3 kiddies because the big kids needed to see the allergist for a checkup and I wanted to make it earlier in the afternoon (during daycare's nap time) so my mom agreed to take care of all 3 kids. Jay dropped them off for me (woohoo, no drop offs) but I had to leave work at 1pm to get them to their allergist appointment. Both kids looked great and Dr. S wants to see them again in October and we'll be doing a skin test again on Bryce for eggs and if he passes it maybe even a food challenge that day! We went back to my mom's and visited with her and my grandmother who was on her way through after a trip to visit my uncle. It was a lovely day and the kids spent most of it outside on the playground and riding bikes down my mom's hill (something I NEVER would have been allowed to do as a kid!!!).

Thursday hit and I was feeling worn out - still not able to hear out of my left ear and just tired of how much work I had to do and not enough time to do it. Had to leave at 3:30pm again to get all 3 kids. Jason had put some chicken in the crockpot before he left because his dad was coming to pick up the big kids for an overnight visit since their daycare was closed for a longer Memorial Day weekend. After the big kids left, I cleaned up and took care of Piper while Jay got the lawn mowed. I got the powder room cleaned and passed out.

Whew, Friday. And an easy Friday morning since the kids were at my IL's and Jay was taking Piper to Ms. Teresa's. I had a busy morning but then met my friend Bracken for lunch. I loved seeing her and catching up (there's never enough time) but that meant I had a backlog of work when I got back and I had to leave at 4pm to get Piper. I pulled into the driveway at about 4:45 and the big kids had just gotten home. They were bouncing off the walls and I was thrilled to see them but I was tired. After dinner, I took them outside while Jason vacuumed and did some laundry - he was on FIRE! Later, Jay and I both passed out on the couch and awoke at 1am to drag ourselves to bed. I had a headache before I went to sleep and it went away after taking something.

But at 6am, Miss Piper started calling and I woke up to an extra large headache. I managed to get her into bed with us to feed her and then I just laid there waiting for the advil to kick in. Jason was sweet enough to get up with the kids. Bryce also was up around 6am and after yelling for me for a minute or two, went back into his room and looked at books while singing 'Jingle Bells' over and over. At least he wasn't bugging us. I got up a little before 8am feeling mostly better and 2 cups of coffee later, I was feeling like myself. We got ourselves together and headed down to a graduation party for one of the students in my office. The kids were SUPER good and definitely made me proud. Everyone at work knows all about my kids so it was nice for them to see them on a good day. Then, just as we pulled into the driveway, our friend Lorenzo pulled in behind us. We had planned on him coming over but he just came a little early which was fine but a little rushed since the kids were wacky about getting into their blow up pool quickly.

Jason got that blow up pool blown up super fast (thank you to the new pump!) and the kids were splashing away while we caught up with Dr. Zo. I threw together a tasty summer meal - grilled salmon and zucchini, homemade Spanish rice, and apple/cinnamon muffins. The kids were pretty good, albeit silly and I don't think they scarred Lorenzo too much.

Needless to say, I was happy when the kids went to bed because I was feeling a little worn. So now the cake I'm taking to my IL's tomorrow to celebrate their joint birthday is cooling on the counter and I'm just sitting here typing my fingers to the bone about my busy week. If you've read this far, I commend you. I need a vacation after just typing all that....


Lisa :-) said...

I hope this long weekend brings you the rest you need. I got worn out just reading it! I don't know how I ever managed 3 kids?! I certainly am not sure if I could find the energy for them to be little again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Heather said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! Whew!