Saturday, May 16, 2009

Piper - 10 Months

Oh Miss Piper, we're in the double digits now! Hardly seems possible. You're growing into such an independent little rascal all of a sudden and you certainly seem to know what you want to do with yourself - play, play, play. You're always seeming to get into something and we have to watch you all the time. Whether you're digging in a plant to try and eat the dirt or you're sitting and waiting - the little opportunist that you are - for the fridge or pantry to be open so you can get in and explore. You have a penchant for your older siblings smaller toys too which always seems to get you in trouble. And while you're fully capable of standing for a full 30 seconds or more unsupported, you aren't quite ready to take your first steps even though I know you probably could. You also LOVE playing in the play kitchen that Pop Pop made for you guys in 2005 and mouthing all the play food. You can sit and contentedly play back in the corner with those toys for a good bit of time, much to our delight since there usually isn't anything in there you can't have.

You are still a mommy's girl even though daddy can always get some cute smiles out of you but you've recently started crying every time daddy picks you up from Ms. Teresa's in the afternoons. We thought maybe it was just because you didn't want to leave, but on the odd occasion I do pick up, you just smile and give me a kiss.

You're babbling like no body's business and you can be as loud as your older siblings. And while you seem to want to eat everything, you don't have any teeth yet. But I think that makes you look like a baby still and that is what mommy likes right now.

I'm already starting to plan your 1st birthday party and still don't want to acknowledge that my baby is growing so quickly. You're a joy to have in our family and I can barely remember life without you.

Here's Bryce and Caroline's 10 month old shots to compare - I seemed to have been a bit of a slacker at 10 months for both of them and I didn't have an "official" 10 month shot, but these were taken right around 10 months for both of them. It's funny because Bryce looks older in some of his other 10 month shots because he had 4 teeth already but not as much hair as his sisters did at that point.

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Anna said...

Oooh, Piper looks a lot like Caroline at 10 months, minus the dark hair! ;-)