Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am thinking maybe that I may have an ear infection - or at least I'm on the track to getting one. I've had this cold along with the kids for about a week and this morning my left ear started to really hurt. I've noticed in the past day or so as well that it seems that I'm quite stuffed up "behind" my nose - clearly into the tube that goes into the ear and such. Ick. One of the GAs here in my office is working on her doctorate in Audiology so she advised just to treat with motrin unless I get a fever, so we shall see.

Piper also seems to be having a hard time getting over this cold too - she seems to now be congested in her throat and she sounds kind of hoarse and like she needs to cough something up. I kind of had those symptoms last week so I'm hoping that she's over this soon. Caroline only seems to have it mildly at the moment and Bryce is pretty much over it, so I'm happy to be able to report that.

In other news, Piper is continuing to be up to no good. I'm telling you, this little girl is really quite a little rascal. This morning, while I was finishing getting the 2 big kids ready Piper helped herself to Bryce's dresser and pulled all of his clothes out. The big kids think it's hilarious when their baby sister does such mischievous things so no doubt she's going to keep performing for them. I was not as impressed. And then just a short while later, she had pulled Bryce's trash can over and was munching on used tissues. (There are a lot given the colds in the house!) Nothing like pulling a big wad of sucked on tissues out of your 10 month old's mouth. She just smiled once I got it out but she didn't look too pleased that it was actually in there. But the funniest thing was when I went in to find her with the trash all strewn around her, the first thing I saw was once of Bryce's discarded pull ups. (He only wears them at night and rarely has accidents, so after a few wears, we throw them in the trash.) So of course, my first thought was, is she EATING a pull up? And then I thought of this video from SNL (Edible Pampers). Ha ha, ew.

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Katie said...

Eating used tissues is nasty Pipes! Piper and Lucy would be interesting together. We could set them up for a gross out contest. Piper can eat used tissues and Lucy can lick discarded parking-lot lollipops and play with a toilet brush (& it's toilet juices)...both things Lucy did today. Now that would be entertainment.