Saturday, May 09, 2009

Old Name

This is quite fitting since the SSA just put out their top baby names of 2008. Tonight, Caroline was sitting in the rocker while I dressed Piper after her bath and she asked, "Mommy, what was your name when you were a little girl?"

I looked at her quizzically because I know she knows my full name and told her it was Erika. She laughed and said, "Nooooo, what was your name when you were LITTLE?"

"It was Erika - that's the name that Bertie and Pop Pop gave me when I was born."

She started laughing right away. "Erika is a GROWN UP name - not a little kid name. Why would they name you a GROWN UP name????"

She thought it was soooooooooo funny. It made me feel kind of old. I remember thinking pretty much the EXACT same thing when I was a kid about a lot of adult's names. Like how someone named Brenda or Linda could have ever been a kid.

For the record Erica/Erika is #293/331 on the baby name list this year so not exactly obscure. But I guess to Caroline, it's spoiled forever. It's officially an old name.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, hey old Erika. I remember thinking that about Ada (my greatgma), Elsie (her sister), Thelma (her other sister) and so forth...

I love how kids minds work!

Aunt old Kelly