Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Fun for Grownups

On Sunday, Jason finally got around to getting himself a new pair of running shoes and when we got home that evening, the kids demanded that he model his new clothes and shoes for them. So Jason put on his new shorts and shoes and walked into Bryce's room. His new shoes are some cool looking Nike moto-something and they have a red swoosh and a little bit of metallic detailing. Bryce took one look and said,

"Oooo, do they light up???"

We got a laugh out of that.

Obviously they don't but it's funny that Bryce assumes all shoes light up since most of his do. In fact it's almost hard to find kid athletic shoes that don't light up anymore. But I guess kids are the ones having all the fun.

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Katie said...

LOL!!!!! I can picture you & J laughing on that one.