Monday, May 04, 2009

Kindergarten Registration

Today was Caroline's kindergarten registration which we've known was coming for months. We haven't talked a lot about it with Caroline, knowing how over talking things with her in the past can actually hinder the situation. So when I got home from work, she was raring to go. We got to the school and we went back to the room where they were doing the registration and were greeted by some very friendly staff. Caroline was still fine at this point as I handed all over paperwork. While I was getting things in order, one of the resource teachers called out to Caroline to come back to do some games with her.

Well, that did it. Caroline turned on me. She turned into stiff, non-talking, almost kind of rude Caroline. They tried to get her to come back by mentioning the possibility of stickers and such but she just kept avoiding eye contact and turned her back. I told her I'd go back with her and she went back and then basically ignored everything they were saying and just went back and stood where we had come in. At this point, I noticed the school nurse who I found out yesterday at the bounce party was a mom of one of Caroline's preschool classmates. Thank goodness for Ms. Lauren because if it hadn't been for her, they would have thought Caroline was incapable of speaking.

So we went and sat with Ms. Lauren who went over Caroline's health history and when Caroline started to actually make eye contact and give a hint of a smile to her, she decided to do some of the assessment activities with her herself. Caroline got on a mini roll and answered a few of the simple (to her) questions. But then something snapped again and she decided to stop doing that. Then I went over to talk to the VERY nice guidance counselor about a few things and Caroline just started bugging me to leave. The guidance counselor was so nice to her and was trying to say things to get her to warm up, but it was like talking to an ice cube. I couldn't believe how guarded Caroline was. It's hard to believe the girl who sings, dances, and talks a mile a minute was acting like this. I was just sooooooooo frustrated. Clearly I was embarrassed and not exactly proud of how my daughter was acting. Even when we left and the G.C. was saying good bye and still trying to get Caroline to respond to her, Caroline wouldn't even turn around to say good bye and when I finally told her she needed to, she gave a mean and forced "bye."

Ugh, I am soooooo not looking forward to the first few weeks of kindgarten b/c I have a feeling this is a preview of what is to come. It's like her fear and anxiety about the situation comes out as rudeness. I'll talk more to her about it later but I wanted to just let her process for a bit. No need to beat a dead horse at this point.


Erin said...

Ugh. Ben was not himself either at his registration. He did cooperate with the little games and such, but was SO quiet and shy... he'd kind of bury his head in his shoulder when he'd answer the questions. NOT the same child Iknow at all... agreed that the first week or two of school should be QUITE interesting.

Honestly, I think he's just going to be SO wiped out at the end of the day from all the sitting still and being good and whatnot. He's great with teachers, so I know he'll be working crazy hard to follow the rules, but it's going to make him a monster at home later, I just know it!

Jammie J. said...

This is so interesting... when my best friend's daughter was right around that age (4 or 5, I think), if she didn't want to accept something, she would turn her head and completely and totally ignore it or the person who she didn't want to exist. Even to the point of not answering questions directed at her. She would turn and walk away.

I had started dating my (now) husband and even questioned to myself if she knew or intuited something that I didn't. Kids see things that adults don't, you know?

Anyway, my friend assured me it was just something she was going through and she "ignored" a lot of people. My friend didn't make much of a big deal of it... kind of shrugged it off. After a few months, and my husband's charm and persistence, Madi (the little girl) came around and every time I'd visit my friend Madi would totally hijack my husband to play video games.

She's 10 or 11 now and all is well, so it was just a weird (frustrating) thing she went through.

Heather said...

I'm so glad you liked the GC....! Yay! I am SO glad they HAVE an elementary GC at the school! Yay! As I am sure you know already, the best thing to do the first few weeks of school is to drop her off & leave. OR put her on the bus etc. Its the parents who linger that create the year-long issues! She'll make friends, have a great teacher and be fine! Really. Is it full day or half-day?