Monday, May 11, 2009

Gravitas Gravity

Piper has discovered gravity or rather, the effect of gravity on her toys. That little bugger, especially when she's mad, will chuck whatever she can hold and throw it out of her crib or pack n' play. Sometimes we have to put her in the PnP while we're eating dinner because she's already had hers and is relentless about wanting me to hold her. So we'll put her in there, she'll play for a few minutes and before we know it, things start coming out. It's the worst with her pacifier because she'll hurl it out and then when we go in we cannot find it. I usually have to pull the crib out but even that doesn't always solve the paci mystery. You can tell she thinks she's quite funny. That mischevious little grin she always seems to have lately too.

She's always seemingly up to something these days. One day last week, I left her playing in the nursery for 2 minutes tops, and when I came back in, she had managed to get a box of tissues off the table and was happily pulling them out and eating them. Then yesterday she pulled her trash can over and was eating used tissues. And don't get me started on the continuous grazing she does on our kitchen floor. She's like a little puppy sometimes and if it weren't for Bryce's messy eating habits, I wouldn't be so worried but it's impossible to keep the floor crumb free if he's around.

This morning, Piper woke up before I got in the shower so I fed her and then let her crawl around the bathroom while I quickly showered while listening for sounds of disaster. Well, somehow she managed to find Jason's saline salt packets and was shaking them like a Polaroid picture when I got out. She thought she found some new musical instrument, I believe.

Oh and still no teeth. Every day we think they are imminent and every day we are wrong. Doesn't matter though - I like the gummy smile.


Jammie J. said...

Her little personality is starting to show up in big ways! I daresay, she'll be able to hold her own with her siblings, don't you think? :)

Anna said...

What a cute description of what she's up to these days! and, Grant was a late teether, too - first one at around 10 months.

Heather said...

That description reminds me exactly of Gretchen! I had to end the pacifier addiction once the throwing it out of the crib thing started--I couldn't stand having to locate it.

P.S. On another note, Zyrtec is not helping G. either! Ugh!