Friday, May 08, 2009

Emma and Jacob Reign Supreme

I love when the Annual Baby Name report comes out from SSA!

Piper went from 240 to 172 in one year! Man! Wonder what caused the sudden spike because I know I've been loving that name for a while now.

Caroline seems to be hovering around 100 - seems to have peaked in the 60's in the early 2000's.

Bryce seems to be slowly going down in popularity too back up to 116.

How did your kids' names do?

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Katie said...

Emily dropped to number 3.
I've met more Emma's than Emily's in my parenting lifetime, so I wasn't surprised. Although, there were 3 Emily's in her sunday school class this year. I really wanted an "Em" and strongly considered Emma Rose instead of Emily Rose.

Lucy is around 112. I've met a few Lucy's too. Until sunday school, I met more Lucy's than Emily's! (I've also met a lot of people with pets named Lucy.)

Piper is really gaining popularity. I'm telling you, that name REALLY grows on you/me. I've met a few Piper's in passing and on facebook. I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps gaining.

I'm surprised Caroline is only around 100. I would have thought it would have been in the top 50. We know a lot of Caroline's. ;-) I feel like sometimes a name is more popular in certain parts of the country.

I love all of your names though. Did you notice that Chloe & Elizabeth were in the top 10?