Sunday, May 31, 2009


Whew, it's been a busy weekend. Jason had off on Friday because he had a checkup in the afternoon and used his morning "off" to do a bunch of household chores. That was much appreciated since that meant a few less things to do on Saturday/Sunday.

Friday night was relaxed - Bryce and Jay did some Wii bowling - did I mention Bryce is almost pro in bowling? The kid is CLUTCH. Meanwhile, Caroline and I worked on a collage and Piper crawled back and forth between each parent. She officially took her first step last Saturday and took an occasional one here and there on Friday.

Saturday morning started at 7am, but that's better than 6am. Jason went downstairs to find Caroline and Bryce sitting together in the easy chair reading together. Then after breakfast, he got set to go out and mow while I got Piper down for a nap and the big kids helped me to clean their bathroom. They love to clean the tub and using the kid-safe Method cleaners, they go to town and I don't have to worry about it hurting their skin. Especially since they think they need to clean the tub naked. Nothing like seeing two naked kids going to town on soap scum! Then after Jay finished up the yard, I got everyone dressed and we started to get ready to go to Costco.

By this point it was lunch time and the silliness was setting in. And I'm talking SILLY. Caroline was doing everything possible to make Bryce laugh. EVERYTHING. It really got disruptive and turned into a time out for Caroline but we finally finished up lunch and got out the door to Costco hoping the public appearance would tame them. It worked like a charm and they were happy to indulge in samples. After delivering the goods home, we went over to my parents' to hang and then all headed out to our fave local brewing place for the much loved seasonal Blueberry Ale. I have been waiting for a Blueberry Ale for over a year. Ever since I had to sit and watch everyone around me drinking it at my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner while I was still "cooking" Miss Piper. The kids were on their best behavior and we had a really nice dinner together. Kids were exhausted by the time we finished and we all came home and everyone went to bed without too many problems.

The morning started again at 7am, but still not too bad. Jay and I got moving on the menu and grocery list. The kids decided they did NOT want to go to the grocery store with us so my mom was happy to help out and we dropped them off on our way to the store. I swear, 2 adults taking on the store/list is the best. We each had a cart and tackled the store. We would have been out super fast but it was crowded and Jason had to wait for-EVA for lunch meat (the pre-order kiosk was out of order, of course!). And the lines at the check out were long too. But since it was just us, it wasn't so bad. We got the groceries home and put away and headed back to my mom's with the kids bathing suits because we promised they could FINALLY get in. The kids bobbed in and out a few times and then finally with blue lips got out and we had a nice thrown together dinner all together.

Now Jay and I are parked on the couch anticipating another week. I'm exhausted and really need to get to bed.

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