Saturday, May 16, 2009


Still not a whole lot better. The discharge instructions say that if I am not "clinically improved" within 72 hours, to contact them. I'm not quite sure what that means - I'm definitely NOT as sick as I was on Thursday in that I'm not achy or weak, but I am still not myself. My left ear is practically deaf and I feel dizzy. I finally broke down and took a decongestant because I had to try something. So far it hasn't given me any heart racing issues, but I've got dry mouth and I'm guessing it's going to affect my breastfeeding supply. But it's the weekend so that's okay since Piper is nursing on demand and that's better than pumping. So we'll see. If I wake up with ear pain again tomorrow morning I'll be calling.

The big kids are getting ready to go out with my mom and being a bit antsy. Piper is stuffing any piece of floor dirt into her mouth and I'm trying to assemble a bi-weekly menu along with the grocery list so we can get our shopping done. At least it's not raining yet.

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Jammie J. said...

There you are! I'll take encouragement that you had the energy to write a post... :)

Sounds like you're doing what you can to get better.