Friday, May 29, 2009

All that Drama for Nothing!

Remember when Caroline freaked out about the upcoming hearing/vision screening at school? Well, I had planned on completely "forgetting" about it and not saying a word to her about it as it loomed and I actually ended up truly forgetting about it, so when I got home from work yesterday and Jason handed me the results of the screening, I looked at him and said, "Well?????" He just smiled and said, "Ask her."

So I did, and the response?

"Oh mommy, it was the most fun thing EVER! I wanted to do it over and over and over! I LOVED having my vision and hearing checked!!"

Um, isn't that EXACTLY what we told her? That it would actually be kind of fun and that when we were in school we always liked it? Typical Caroline! But at least now, we can remind her of this and how she worried so much for nothing. I told her she needs to trust Mommy and Daddy since we went through a lot of this before. I understand the anxiety of the unknown, but this really was nothing. Oh my sweet girl - she's more like me than I realize I think.

Her hearing was fine and her vision was 20/30 so glasses may be in her future. Or not. At least we don't have to worry the next time they "threaten" her with a screening.

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