Saturday, April 04, 2009

Remains of the Week

Let's see, 8:30pm on a Saturday night - kids are settling down in bed, Jason is watching some NCAA basketball, and I'm here at the computer. It's been quite a week and feels like a long time since last weekend. Here's the play by play:

Sunday: My mom called at 11:30am while we were at Lowe's to tell me that my grandmother had died. (I'll always remember that!) So we finished our errand, buying hooks for the kids' doors and coats, and then headed to Costco where we got a bunch of stuff but still managed to forget a few things on the list. The day was almost summer warm and the kids and I played outside with a neighbor friend. At one point Caroline took off her shoes and started dancing in the mud and Bryce followed. Just as it started to rain, I found them both on the deck dancing around naked. My kids love to be naked outside. Should I be worried?

Monday & Tuesday: Basically felt like I was in a holding pattern since I was making plans for later in the week and was at work as usual while staying in close touch with my mom about all the arrangements. My mom's brother and his family were coming in on Tuesday and we were planning to depart on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday: Because my mom usually watches Piper on Wednesday and she was up in Hagerstown, I took the big kids to school and kept Piper with me while I worked a half day from home. Jason went in at his usual 6:30am start time. He arrived home shortly after noon with the big kids and we finished up packing and pulled out at 2:15pm arriving at my paternal grandmother's, Mee Maw, just before 4pm. My kids got to meet Caden and Reese, my cousin's kids, aged 4 and 1 respectively. They loved having other people their age for once to play with! My mom and her family were just coming back from the first viewing at the funeral home so we all had dinner together before going to the 7pm viewing. Jason and I made the decision to not have the kids go to the viewing since it was fairly late and I didn't think they had any real need to be there. Plus, I was not prepared for them to see my grandmother's body. The viewing was well attended and it was nice seeing so many family and friends come out to pay their respects. Jason stayed back with the kids, although Piper was already down for bed when I left. I guess the kids were pretty amped up the entire time since Caden was there and they got along very well. Plus, they were excited to be spending the night away from home and with some of their favorite people. I arrived back at MeeMaw's around 9:30 and Jason was pretty much DONE. I got them into bed but they wouldn't settle down so my mom laid in bed with them. I think it was as therapeutic for her as it was for them. Jay and I went to bed around 10:30 but it wasn't a very restful sleep.

Thursday: Being in a smaller bed than we're used to and having Piper in the room made it tough to really sleep well. She woke up at 2am and while she went back to sleep after I nursed her, she never completely settled. She woke back up before 5am and was NOT going back to sleep. I had a pounding headache and was exhausted, so Jason took her downstairs around 5:30 and I went back to sleep for a little over an hour - thank goodness! I guess she snoozed on his chest and he even dozed back off too in the family room before the kids woke up. When I got up, the kids had been up for a little while and were just going in and waking up Kevin and Kelly. I joked that this was their dose of "birth control" for the day having all 3 kids in bed with them with the older two rolling around and having "fun." They loved seeing K & K first thing in the morning! So we had a semi-lazy morning and then got ourselves ready to go to the church for the funeral. We made sure to drive by my grandmother's old house that my mom grew up in. It was comforting driving on those old roads I'd known so well as a kid. When we arrived at the church we saw even more of my mom and dad's friends who'd made the trip from Baltimore and elsewhere. It was such a nice feeling to see so many familiar faces. I was feeling a little anxious about how the kids would behave during the service but I shouldn't have been. The service was brief, but long enough for a kid to throw a fit or be loud - which none of my kids did. I had jelly beans and Cheerios to keep them distracted and it worked like a charm. I was so proud of them and everyone told me how good they were. Then we headed to the cemetery for the graveside service which was also quite brief. I was so glad I'd brought my Ergo for Piper though since it made it so easy to hold her. We paid our respects and then got back in the car to head back to the church for a luncheon honoring my grandmother. My mom, aunt, and other grandmother had prepared foods that my grandmother adored - ham, green beans and ham, baked macaroni, stewed tomatoes, and fruit salad. It was very nice and the kids enjoyed more playtime with Caden and his baby sister, Reese, in a more relaxed environment. Finally, Jason and I packed the kids up and headed back to MeeMaw's so we could get back to Baltimore. We arrived back home around 5pm and started getting back into our schedule.

Friday - I woke up with a scratchy and irritated throat and I was soooooooo tired all day - the gray weather didn't help my mood or exhaustion. And for missing only a day and a half of work, I couldn't believe how much the email and work had piled up. Piper had been a little warm that morning but I figured maybe it was just teething (c'mon teeth!). However, Teresa called at 3pm to tell me she was getting warm again but Jason was about to come get her so she gave her some Tylenol to tide her over. I worked my butt off until quitting time and then headed home to change and go over to my mom's to spend the evening with my Texas relatives before they left the next day. Piper was not feeling great when I got home but a dose of ibuprofen kicked in and she started to perk up. When we arrived, the kids were having a GRAND time once again with Caden. I now know what it would be like if they had cousins - chaos! Now when we are all together they want us to play with them, but with Caden around they kept to their own age bracket and were LOUD LOUD LOUD having FUN FUN FUN. Whew! He is such a nice little boy and I'm sad he lives so far away because they really played well together. Jay and I bathed all 3 kids there so we could just bring them home and put them to bed - which we did.

Saturday - Woke up twice in the night with Piper and my throat was killing me. Still very tired too. At noon, we had a birthday party to attend. Miss Zoe turned 6 and we braved the wind to join the party. It was in a cute park and her poor mom, Sara, was trying her best to keep things weighted down in the tremendous wind. The kids didn't seem to care at all and Piper had the warmest seat in the Ergo again. But it was a very nice "old fashioned" birthday party in that it was just food, games, and birthday - no overblown, expensive party - which I really liked. (The kind we'll probably do when we end up finally doing parties for the kids.) The kids enjoyed the playground but sat out all the party games although they enjoyed watching. I think Bryce would have played if Caroline had but she was not interested. Jason said that she reminded him so much of himself at that age. He said he would go to parties and never played the games, so he totally understood. Like father, like daughter, I suppose. They had a homemade Sponge Bob cake that I was very impressed by and Brycey got to enjoy another piece of his eggless cake from earlier in the week. I wish the wind wouldn't have been so blustery because I know I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But it was good seeing everyone and nice to spend the day outside in the beautiful sun! Piper didn't have a fever all day and was still snotty, but this evening she got a little warm again. I don't know what it is but I know that Reese also had some similar symptoms too so I figure it's something viral.

And now, I'm ready to start a fresh week and hope for an easy and quiet week ahead. I'm off on Friday for another furlough (a truly GOOD Friday!) and I'm trying to decide what to do with the kids since daycare is closed. I'm considering taking them to see Hannah Montana but it's the first day it opens and the schools are closed so I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Hmmm.

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