Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Bloggity Goodness

I just haven't had blog urges lately. Well, no, that's not completely true. Sometimes I have blog urges in weird places or times and I never make it back to the blog to update. I've been super busy at work this week because the office manager is out on her regular 2 1/2 weeks of vacation that she takes twice a year and so a lot of things end up falling on me. Add to that I'm working on this new software upgrade we got 2 weeks ago along with massive amounts of admissions, and I don't have time to take breaks - I just keep working through lunch and such when I used to blog.

I also noticed my blog hits have been going steadily down too. I guess when you don't update as frequently people stop coming by for looks. Nothing to gawk at here, move along please. :)

Anyway, things are okay. I can't tell you how freaking nice it is not to have to put the kids in their heavy coats anymore. We've moved Piper out of her baby bucket and so it's nice not having to squeeze her into a regular carseat with a heavy coat too.

The kids are still super psyched about Easter - but with being so busy the Easter Bunny hasn't had much time to go out for provisions. The only thing I've done is buy them each a little outfit and Caroline some new Crocs. I have a few little ideas for Caroline but I'm not sure about Bryce. I've convinced Caroline that she needs to leave her 2 old pair of Crocs out for the Easter Bunny and he'll see that she needs new ones and exchange her old ones for some new ones. She will not part with her old ones even though they are getting waaaaaaay too small. I wanted to get Bryce something from one of their new favorite shows, Phineas and Ferb but it's still so new that there really isn't much in the stores and I've run out of online shopping time. (BTW, have you seen that show? Our whole family likes it. Uncle Kev, we think you would like it too!) I want to get poor teething Piper some more things to chew on - the poor babe chews on anything she can get her little hands on these days.

As for Easter candy, I don't want to give them ANY. Any. Any! They got some from the school party the other day and I'd imagine they'll get some from my IL's and my parents (but not too much, I hope). There is still some remnants of Halloween and Valentine's candy left and we already have Jelly Bellys coming out of our ears so we hardly need any more candy. I'd completely rid my house of candy if I could - all it does is make the kids ask for it. "CAN I PLEEEEEEEEEEASE HAVE SOME CANDY?" That's all we hear around our house anymore and Caroline started sneaking it and we'd find her scissors and candy wrappers up in her room. Little rascal. I'm so tired of the "candy whine." I'm glad there won't be another candy holiday until Halloween. I think it's about time to tell them that some of their candy went bad because it's been here for so long. What they don't know....

So the kids are off school tomorrow and I am taking my 2nd mandated furlough day so we're going to do some fun stuff. I'm dropping Piper off at her DCP's at 8:30 so i can take the 2 big kids to see Hannah Montana: The Movie. They are so excited! I have tickets to the 9:30am show and then I'll take them to "King Burger." (Or Burger King as you and I know it.) We're supposed to go and visit our old DCP too - the kids really miss her and while I haven't forgotten about the fiasco of losing my DCP with no notice, I have forgiven her. Life is too short to hold grudges. Plus, the kids miss her a lot and truly do care about her and I know she misses them too.

As for the rest of the weekend, I'm hoping Jay and I get out to dinner on Saturday while the kids go to my mom's for a bit to dye eggs and hang out. (I know the kids have had an uplifting effect on my mom's spirit lately since she's having a hard time since losing her mom last week.) On Sunday we're going to my FIL's mother's house for some family time and then back to my mom's for a while. Hard to believe a year ago Miss Piper was still not here yet. I am already having a hard time remembering life with just 2 kids.

Anyway, that's the update. So random, I know. But that's about all you're going to get right now.


Katie said...

Amen about the coats! It is so much easier w/o them!

I always check your blog dear. i know I can set it up to notify me when there is a new post, but that takes the fun out of the surprise!

Erika said...

That was like a virtual hug, Katie. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I use to throw away candy that you guys had sitting around. Then there was the unusual canning jar with the glass lid that would end up with some random candy that you all did not like so it was untouched until your cousins came and devoured it :-) You know what I mean! Your kids won't miss it if it's not there :-)

BJ said...

Your blog is a regular for me. I even have you bookmarked on my iPhone:>

Our household loves Phineas and Ferb as well. Good show. Nice to have some that the kid likes and the parents!