Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Please

"Oh please!"

This is what we hear ALL.THE.TIME. lately when Caroline doesn't like what you have to say. And she says it with attitude most times. When did my 5 year old turn into a rude teenager?

My MIL and SIL laughed when I told them about it this weekend because while they didn't hear Caroline utter the much loved phrase, they did hear me say, "Don't you 'oh please' me!" (Do I sound like a mom or what?)

And why did she "oh please" me? Well, we were at my IL's for the afternoon on Saturday to celebrate a belated birthday for Jason and my SIL, Kelly. The kids had been out in the backyard enjoying the day but wearing sandals/crocs. Well, that means dirty feet and Caroline has a knack for wanting to wash her feet when they are dirty IN A SINK. So I walked down the hall and caught her sitting on the vanity in my MIL's bathroom washing her dirty feet in the clean sink.

While I knew my MIL is not the type of person that would get upset about it, I didn't want Caroline to think that kind of thing was okay. So I hauled her butt off there and we washed the sink out (I made HER clean up with some Lysol wipes).

I probably shouldn't be too surprised at the foot washing thing though - I know there's a photo of me at about Caroline's age up on the sink in the family bathroom warming my toes after playing out in the snow. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

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