Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

Odds and ends, ends and odds...that is just my life right now it seems. I'm not complaining in the sense that I have a very good life with a wonderful family and life is very rich, but sometimes it's these little things of odds and ends that get to me. I think I need more deep breathing. Here's a little snippet of our odds and ends....

- Caroline is a pack rat at the age of 5. I've always had borderline tendencies my whole life, but when push came to shove, I could figure out a way to purge unneeded items. Obviously a 5 year old isn't capable of that yet on her own, but wow, you should see her room. I know that we aren't the neatest, clutter free people - especially since having kids - but we have bursts of straightening that keep the house from complete CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). However, the playroom and Caroline's room are the big exceptions. The playroom, for the most part is just cluttered but I need to do a reorganization of the art supplies and I'd like to completely rearrange the whole room too. I can live with the playroom, Caroline's room, I cannot. OMG, it's terrible. This evening, I tried to throw an old shoe box out and she threw a fit insisting it was NOT trash. I found about 20 of the page a day past pages from her cat calendar that I had thrown away (or thought I'd thrown away) a week ago. She's got hair doodads everywhere too - so many in fact, you'd think she actually liked having things in her hair. Her personal library continues to grow as she takes books from Bryce and Piper's room. And then there's doll clothes, stuffed animals, random art supplies, Happy Meal toys, and about 400 other random things just all over the place. It's maddening, really. Odds and ends, I tell you. I've purged a bunch of stuff not too long ago and it's all back. Add that to the fact that we're running out of storage because of not having any legitimate closets in the basement and you'll understand our problems.

- I took the day off today to take Piper to her 9 month baby checkup and her 2nd checkup with the pediatric ophthalmologist. We had the eye appointment at 9am and we were in and out of there in less than 45 minutes and won't have to go back for a year. (Her diagnosis of faux strabismus was accurate 3 months ago and we're seeing less and less of the eye looking like it's turning in which means it will be a non-issue the older she gets.) We stopped by my office for a few minutes so Piper could visit with my coworkers since I was so close by and the poor people are subjected to stories about her all the time so I figured they deserved to at least see her in person. Then we headed to her 11am checkup. We didn't see the doctor until 12:40 pm. Sweet. Piper was so good but I was annoyed. A lot of patients and a lot of time consuming patients. Plus, I had to drop off Caroline's kindergarten health forms and found out the office is starting to charge $25 for all forms filled out at a non-appointment. I finally got home with Piper at just after 1pm and was exhausted from all the running around and baby entertaining. I tell you, keeping a 9 month old off the floor when all she wants to do is crawl is tough. No one wants to let a baby crawl around on the floor of a doctor's office!

- As we were leaving the doctor's office, Piper kicked off her adorable new baby sandal that my mom got her for Easter and I could not find it. I didn't notice it until we got to the car. I looked all though the parking lot and the way we walked out and I'm guessing maybe we lost it in one of the elevators. Piper does have a habit of kicking that right foot, so I'm sure that's how she kicked it off. I called the office after I got home and the very sweet receptionist said she'd keep an eye out for it and on her way out too. They are the cutest, softest baby sandals. So now I just have the left one and it's taunting me.

- Yesterday I knew Caroline and I had a hair appointment this evening but somehow this morning, I forgot and started making plans with Jason to go as a family to Costco after an early dinner. But, right before we left, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, "Ew, I need a haircut. Wait...." So Costco was called off and Caroline and I headed out to the salon. About 1/2 a mile down the road, my phone rings and it's Jason telling me, "MY SUNGLASSES WERE ON THE ROOF OF THE VAN!!" Mind you, these are Oakley sunglasses, so not cheapos like I wear, even if they are 6 years old. (Jason has a habit of putting his sunglasses on the roof of his car or the van when he doesn't want to actually put them inside and just sees them and puts them on before he gets in to drive. So b/c he figured we were going to Costco, he placed them there.) Needless to say, I slowed down and pulled over and didn't see the glasses, so I drove home looking for them the whole way. When I pulled into the driveway, Mr. Tall saw them right away (I'm not tall enough to see the top of the van). So the rubber arm coverings probably kept them from flying off coupled with my careful driving, I guess. So crisis averted. Caroline told our hairdresser that we were having a "falling off kind of day" with the sunglasses and baby shoe.

- Jay and I got our much anticipated Blackberry Curves last night and after the kids went to bed we had geek fun time. But I wasn't exactly liking mine right away. Jason seemed fine and I was struggling to figure it out. I wanted to get on, set up my email, Facebook, etc, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to even launch the web browser. Being a techy person, I was feeling considerably humbled. WTH? Is it really THIS hard or am I a moron? I kept fooling with it and was watching Jason have no problems and then I started figuring something out...my phone didn't HAVE a browser on it and said it wasn't on a data plan (which enables you to get on the internet). After doing some searching, I found out it was my Blackberry that was messed up and NOT my ineptitude that was the problem. I called Verizon this morning and they had to walk me through this whole process to reset my phone which involved taking the battery out, them sending information to my phone and such. But BING, as soon as we finished, I had a web browser and I was all set to go and it was EASY to figure out. Man, I was really starting to doubt myself. Let the crackberry addiction begin.

So that's the odds and ends right now. I hear spring is actually going to come back tomorrow. It was a lovely summer preview, but I am not ready for full on summer yet. Let's hope we don't get any whispers from winter though. I couldn't take that!

Oh and I should also add that Bryce is doing MUCH better after just one dose of those eye drops. We've been giving them to him once or twice a day and they are like MAGIC. I can't believe how much they've helped. I've been telling EVERYONE about them. They are called Zatidor but I just got the generic at the store and it's the same thing, only cheaper.


Heather said...

This worked like a charm for a friend of mine, its just an idea...take some digital photos of some items Caroline can't seem to part with...create a digital scrapbook--call it something cute. It is a small, compact way for her to "keep" her precious items...and once the photo is snapped you can toss the real things. OR You can do what my mom did...keep the bedroom doors closed and make Caroline make a "fire path" (a clear path to the door in case of a fire!) every night!

Jammie J. said...

Oy! I have no thoughts at all on the packrat thing, although maybe some hope(??) ... maybe it's just a phase? Isn't that what you say when you can't control it?

I still use it and I'm practically an old woman!

So glad it was the Blackberry and not you... now if you ever go on Survivor, you can be that one contestant who found a square rock and pretended it was his blackberry so he didn't go insane (although I think he might have been already).

Yay for magic drops and Bryce feeling better! If only all our odds could have such a good end. :)

Erin said...

You should totally switch ped's. ;) To ours! ;) LOL!
Truly, I have never had a wait longer than 10 minutes... no form fees, ever. AND, I noted the referral system last time I was there... VERY easy. I noticed they've been cranking out referrals for us for our various specialists that are good for 3-4 visits. (we don't actually need referrals, but the fact that the nurse just gives them to us just in case without me having to mention is seems like a good thing) :)

As for the clutter... yeah, I'm there too. I never know what is going to be important to Ben. I do try to toss things when he is at school. Every once in awhile that gets me into trouble though. He's definitely getting worse with it the further he gets into being five. (sigh)

Katie said...

Our house is a clutter zone. We have no closets and our junk room is filled to capacity! I did manage to donate a few of Emily's stuffed animal to a school carnival (for prizes), but I myself couldn't part with a majority of them, thus the giant bin of stuffed animals remains. I guess I'm the packrat.

I hate when docs make you wait with a baby in tow-- especially when you are on time! Grrrr. Sounds like my allergist. If they are that busy, then they should hire another doc to be on staff.
I hope you let the doc know how long the wait was!

As for the sandal, it sounds so familiar! Remember lucy's black shoe. We actually managed to find it after we lost it 3 times! It'll turn up and then you'll have an amazing shoe story too!

As for the sunglasses, L tends to put stuff on top of our cars too. It's a tall guy thing. I have scolded L many a time to not do it b/c he always forgets! One day I will break him of that habit! Tall guy habits die hard. I did chuckle though b/c now I know it is not just L who does this. Actually, the last time he left something on top of the car, it was Emily's favorite shoe. We too drove around to look for it (at Bethany Beach) and we ended up finding it on the side of the road!

Last but not least...I want a blackberry! A pink one.

(And glad B is better. Hope the rain helps.)


Bracken said...

Clutter seems to be a common problem among many of us. Sydney doesn't like to get rid of anything either and so it is very hard to manage. I can't say we have been successful yet:>

I am loving your accronym for CHAOS, I had never heard that. So perfect!

I am so glad that the Blackberry issue was not with you. I must say that as I was reading that I was thinking in my head that that just couldn't be Erika, she never has trouble with technology and figuring it out. So I was right:>:>

Glad the meds are helping Bryce out. Poor guy!!!

Erika said...

K, my Blackberry is silver, but it's got a pink cover, so you can't even tell it's silver. They wanted $50 extra for pink and I'm so glad we didn't pay for it b/c the cover completely covers it.

Oh and when I lost the shoe the first thing I thought of was "What would Katie and Landon do?" Ha ha ha! Lucy's shoes came to mind right away!