Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inside Out - Happy 9 Months, Piper!

Today, Piper is 9 months old which means she's been on the outside as long as she was on the inside. It just doesn't seem possible!!

I'll post her 9 month photo later (along with comparisons) but I wanted to note a few funny things about my sweetie pie:

- She loves to yell! Oh my gosh, she's a yeller. I think she has to be with loud older siblings. Most of the time they are happy yells, but when she gets mad, WATCH OUT!

- Her favorite thing to "say" is "BAP!" This morning she crawled around yelling "BAP BAP BAP BAP!"

- She still doesn't have any teeth but I see bumps on the bottom gum, so it's soon, I think (hope).

- She LOVES bathtime with a passion. I have never seen a happier Piper than when she is in the tub. She gets so excited when I take her in and turn on the water before getting her undressed so she knows what's coming and she cannot contain herself. She loves to splash (a lot!) once she's there and thinks she's so funny when she gets me wet.

- She HATES being dressed. At least she hates when her top half is being dressed. She screams and yells and cries when I put things over her head and then have to get her arms into things. I think summer dressing will be a little easier since short sleeves are much easier to get on a baby. I will say too, that she complicates things and prolongs the process by splaying her hands when I'm trying to pull a shirt on. I'm afraid I'm going to seriously sprain one of her fingers one time.

- She is a very accomplished waver and kisser. If she loves you, you will know it because she will wave to you and kiss you with a passion. She also will snuggle her head on your chest to give you some love too.

- She does NOT like being in the pack and play - I think she thinks it's a cage that divides her from everyone and she will YELL until you take her out.

- She already loves the play kitchen Pop Pop made for Caroline and Bryce a few years ago. If you put her in the playroom she goes right back to it and loves to sit and play with the play food.

- Diaper changing is interesting. Many times as soon as you start changing her she does this funny butt/lower half wiggle that makes it VERY hard to contain any messes. Caroline and Bryce didn't do anything quite like this, so it's definitely something that makes me laugh because it's an "original Piper" move.

Caroline at 9 months:

Bryce at 9 months:


Katie said...

Yay Pipes!

P.S. Thinking of you this morning as I drove right by your work! (I had to drive L to his dr. appt.)

Anonymous said...

Brycey looks so sober. Isn't it amazing that besides the fact that he's in blue, that he just looks like a little girl! ERika, you are so incredible with putting them all in the same poses at each milestone age :-) You're the best!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! ( I did it again!!) I meant to say that Bryce just looks like a little BOY!!!!!

Erika said...

I had one of him smiling in the same position, but it was kind of out of focus, the rest he wouldn't sit on the stool. Big surprise....