Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hear No Evil, See No Evil??

When Jason picked the kids up from school yesterday, one of the teachers handed Jason a permission form for Caroline to be screened by the county program that screens kids (aged 4 and up) for hearing and vision. No big deal, right? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, Caroline saw the form and asked what it was and not thinking it's a big deal (b/c it's not!), Jason told her and gave her a very brief overview. Well, that was enough to send her into a tizzy. By the time they got home a few minutes later, Caroline was in a mood and Jason was trying to decipher what set it off. My mom was there dropping Piper off and started to talk to her about it and it came out that she does NOT want her hearing/vision checked. So my mom, being a nurse and a former school nurse who did these types of things with young children, started telling Caroline what was involved in it and how easy and painless it is. She didn't want to hear it.

By the time I got home at 5pm, Caroline was STILL up in arms about it. She greeted me in the garage and started rattling off about it. So I tried the approach of, "I understand that you don't want it but can you tell me WHY you don't want it." She kept repeating "I don't want it!" Finally after repeating my question over and over in many different ways, she finally said she was scared. (Which I thought was the case.) However, she couldn't verbalize what about it scared her.

After continuing to discuss it at length and having Jason and I talk about how much we liked doing it as kids, I finally told her we weren't going to talk to her about it anymore. The actual screening isn't until the VERY end of May so there is plenty of time to work out her anxieties. I might have to see if I can find a book about it at the library or something. I'm not sure why it's freaking her out because she is excellent at the dentist and doctor's and has never once had a problem. I told her that hearing/vision screening is NOTHING compared to the dentist but she didn't want to hear that either.

While I can believe she's having anxiety about it, I also think part of it is a control issue because when Caroline decides she doesn't want to do something, there is no rhyme or reason to to make her change her mind. So I think in this case we'll just NOT talk about it. While I believe that you need to prepare your kids for things, some things are better with no preparation because I've found that overthinking things can just make them worse.

So we'll see. Oh and last night I told her that her kindergarten registration is coming up in a few weeks and she started yelling about how she wants to stay in preschool forever. This is the same child who told me back in August that she couldn't wait for kindergarten. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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