Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just wanted to wish my dad a happy 59th birthday! Even though I know we're not celebrating today, I'm glad we'll get to see you.

It's funny because I remember my dad's birthday many years in the past and it's been such a variety of different weather conditions - HOT, cold, rainy. I guess it's just that time of year for a variety of weather possibilities. I remember for his 35th birthday my mom threw him a surprise party and I remember how hot it was. At least it's feeling like spring today - that's saying a lot after the past week.


Anonymous said...

You remember a party from 1985? WOW you're memory is good! What daily pills do you take?

~ Viv

Katie said...

Your parents are so young!

Erika said...

I remember that party (and day) very well. My mom didn't tell us about it until shortly before. I think I knew the day before and my siblings not until they got home from school that day! I also remember the funny cake my mom made for it. A bit racy, but I guess for his 35th birthday and a party of all adults, it was good fun.