Monday, April 27, 2009


It's so frustrating. When it was winter, I couldn't wait for the season to be over so that my kids would stop being sick and we could just enjoy good health. Of course, with the end of winter it means that the pollen season has sprung. And boy has it. On a 12.0 scale, today's pollen levels are at about 11.8 with the highest levels being oak and maple - Bryce's two biggest allergens. I took one look at him this morning and decided he was not going to school. I think he would have been okay, but he looked pretty bad again. Last night after I posted that photo, he looked better. The bath and Benedryl really helped. But this morning, even after a night in the AC, he started rubbing his eyes again and he looked a mess again. I know his DCP would have freaked if I'd brought him. So he stayed home with my MIL and he'll be inside all day. I'm calling the allergist this morning to make his next checkup and to see about eye drops. Poor kid definitely has allergy shots in his future. If they are this bad already, he's in for a world of hurt as he gets older.


Jammie J. said...

Oh, that's so sad. Poor little guy.

And I misunderstood when I read the previous post, somehow I envisioned him running around poking his face into flowers or something and that's not at all what he was doing. So sorry for my "consequences" comment, that wasn't appropriate at all.

I hope he feels better... who knew benadryl could give such noticeable relief (not me!)?

Katie said...

That sounds awful for him!

Erika said...

:) I knew what you meant. Basically it's his consequences for being a kid - you know, playing outside and touching things (everything is covered in tree pollen) and then rubbing his eyes. It's impossible to keep a 3 year old from doing that. I just got an allergist appointment for him in a few weeks but they recommended an OTC eye drop - Zaditor - that is supposed to be VERY good. I'm getting him some on the way home. Fingers crossed!

Jammie J. said...

Oh phew, I'm glad you didn't take offense -- I felt bad when I realized how that comment might have been read. Sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain.

I hope those eye drops work and that he's back to normal soon. Allergies drain the energy from a person, and that's no fun for him and I'm sure it gets you in the heart to see him like that.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on the eyedrops. Ben looks absolutely AWFUL today and his pink eye has been gone for almost a day and a half, so I know it's the pollen and not that. I'm heading out to get some of these miracle drops this morning!!!!