Sunday, April 12, 2009


Another Easter has come and quickly gone. I think Easter is my favorite holiday to clean up because it's over so quickly and I cannot WAIT to pack away all those darn plastic eggs, fake plastic grass, and baskets. The kids weren't in bed 30 minutes tonight before everything they received today was taken out of the gift receptacle and put in a more organized state. I'm sure they'll come downstairs tomorrow morning looking for their Easter baskets only to find that the eggs are gone until next year and their beloved candy has been put in a container high on the top shelf of the pantry far from their sneaky fingers. Not that I'm some kind of Easter humbug, no sir, they both gorged themselves a considerable amount today on plenty of sugary substances. In fact this morning post-egg hunt I asked them what they wanted for breakfast and Bryce replied, "I'm already eating breakfast." (He was referring to the pile of jellybeans and other sweets in front of him. )

I do admit to being a little tricky this Easter though. While we did buy them a few small Easter prezzies, I didn't buy any candy. I filled 24 eggs with Jason's pocket change (they love feeding their "pigs") jellybeans from the existing Jelly Belly container, and candy that they received from other friends at school. Why did we need to add to the candy collective when I had a huge stash that they would never realize had been depleted. I know I won't be able to get away with that trick forever, so I'll enjoy these days while they last.

As for their non-candy treats, here's the rundown:

Caroline received:
  • new turquoise Cayman Crocs
  • a Siamese cat Webkinz
  • Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack
  • Lego building base (they each got Legos for Christmas and I thought it was a rip that they don't come with a base anymore)
Bryce received:
  • Wii Disney Pixar Cars game
  • Baseball glove
  • Baseball
  • Lego building base (do you really think I'm dumb enough not to buy them each one?)
And last but not least, Piper received:
  • A 3 pack of teething rings
  • Teething biscuits (do you see a theme here?)
  • 2 new sippy cups that seemd a little easier for her to use/hold
I really didn't think I needed to get anything for Piper for Piper's sake, but as any mom of more than 1 kid will tell you, the gifts for the baby are more for the older kids. Caroline loves seeing that Piper gets things. She was thrilled to see the teething rings and couldn't wait to see her eat the biscuits. ( I've already started preparing Caroline for Piper's 1st birthday when we might be wrapping up the "old" Little People sets for her since they will be new to her and haven't been played with in a while. )

All in all, it was a decent day. There was a fair amount of fighting/sass this morning, but what else is new? We went over to Jay's grandmother's for a mid-day meal with his dad's side of the family and then after a few hours there we went to my mom and dad's for dinner. I remember when going multiple places on Easter with multiple kids seemed hard. I guess we're just used to it now. The kids behaved fairly well when we were out and seemed to entertain the adults that don't see them on a regular basis. The big kids were dressed in some new threads courtesy of Bertie (although Caroline's skirt was from Nana) and Piper wore Caroline's first Easter dress. Bryce was THRILLED to be wearing his first belt and made sure to tell EVERYONE upon greeting them that he was wearing a belt. Caroline complemented her springy attire with some flashy fake earrings (she's not ready for a more permanent option yet) and a hair barrette that she's barely taken out since I put it in her hair on Friday night.

And as usual, there were some especially funny highlights of the day:

When we got to my mom's they asked her what we were having for dinner and she said, "Mexican Chicken," to which Bryce replied, "Bertie, how did it get here from Mexico?"

To everyone that asked Bryce if the Easter Bunny came to see him, he replied, "Yes, but I didn't get to see him." (and coupled it with a sad look) He also asked me if the E.B. drove a car but thought maybe that was just way too silly. Caroline theorized that maybe the E.B. is just a person running around in a bunny suit. She's not going to believe this story for long....

Caroline was rocking out to her new Hannah Montana CD and got VERY perturbed when a "guy started singing." "Mommy, there's a GUY singing on my CD!" I tried to explain to her that a soundtrack is a collection of songs that were played throughout the movie, but she didn't like that explanation and skipped ahead. She amazed me in how she memorized the words to several of the songs already.

Oh, and here's a cute picture of Caroline and Bryce with their pansies my mom gave them to grow:

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