Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do you have on your Friday panties?

Well, we're home from the funeral and family time for my grandmother. I'm wiped out but feeling peaceful about everything. I'll fill in more details later. But I wanted to add post on a lighter note about some funny Caroline stuff.

- I've told you before what a big deal underwear are to little kids. Caroline has always taken pride in picking out her underpants each night and will often ask you which Disney Princess you like best and then choose her underwear accordingly. Of course, she has plenty of other non-princess pairs too which she puts into the regular rotation. However, several weeks ago she talked about her "Friday panties" and I noticed a particular pair that she had on after bath on a Thursday night that she'd wear all day Friday. But I figured she was just making stuff up and didn't think about it again. Well, then a few Thursdays later, I noticed she mentioned the "Friday panties" again and darned if she didn't have the same pair on. Well tonight, I didn't even remind her that tomorrow was Friday (heck, I am so mixed up on days this week!) and lo and behold, guess which underpants she was wearing when she got dressed after her bath. Yep, the "Friday panties!" There's nothing particularly "Friday" about them - they don't say Friday on them or anything. She just has deemed them the "Friday panties" and makes sure that is what she wears on Fridays.

- Today during the funeral service at the church, I helped to keep the kids quiet by offering them Jelly Belly jelly beans since they love them and the flavors keep them interested to only eat one at a time. Each time Caroline finished one she'd whisper to me the flavors - bubble gum, mint, cherry, coffee. But, when I almost laughed out loud when she leaned over and whispered, "Mommy, the last one was Decaf Coffee."

- On Wednesday as Jay and I were flying through the house trying to get the last minute stuff done, Bryce was drawing some pictures on the dry erase board and I heard him call Caroline over to tell her what he'd drawn. He described all the different people he'd drawn and what they were doing and she says, "Oh yes Bryce. You are VERY imaginative!" (Quite the little mother, huh?)

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Bracken said...

You simply just have the cutest kids! Love to read about their stories. Hope you guys are all doing well.