Saturday, April 11, 2009

Decisions Decisions

We aren't going out today and buying a new camera but our goal is to get one sometime before we head to the beach mid-summer.

Right now, these are my two top candidates:

Nikon D 60


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Any thoughts you want to give me on either? I just need an entry level DSLR so I really don't need anything more high performing than these two. Plus, they'll both allow me to do some lens upgrades later as I get more into it, but I'll never be much more than an amateur although I do intend for it to become one of my hobbies as the kids get older and I have more time.


Unknown said...

i like the Canon... When I was shopping, around people told me there really isn't a whole lot of difference... it's mostly just a personal preference to the way the buttons/menus are laid out and how the camera feels in your hands. I think someone *may* have mentioned to me that Canon's lenses are either cheaper or more versatile??... though I really can't remember the details so you may want to google something to that effect. Back when I purchased my camera, a blog reader sent me checklist of things to buy with it... I'll have to dig that up and send it to you as it has proven very useful!!

Heather said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Nikon. I was between the Rebel and Nikon too...I ended up with the D80, but imagine the D60 is not too different. If you ever want to upgrade lenses the D60 had some issue with no auto focus on the newer lenses (or something like that) which is why I got the D80...Read: fast moving toddler, need auto focus feature! Let me know what you choose!

Brother Kev said...

I have a Canon Rebel XT. It's great. Highly recommend it.