Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 Year Old Sarcasm is Alive and Well

Bryce woke up way too early. 6am to be exact and wanted someone to play with him. He woke us up first and then went in to wake up Caroline after I specifically discussed with him last night that he was NOT to do that. Caroline came in and told me (like I didn't know) and I told her she could go back to her room and lock the door. A few minutes later, nature must have called because she went into her bathroom. Of course for Bryce, that's like a moth to a flame. He was standing in the doorway within seconds. So from the bathroom, I hear:

"Bryce, what do you think this is? A show??? What are you trying to do? See my private part?"

Apparently a 5 year old is capable of sarcasm at 6am. I'm quite impressed, actually and got a laugh out of it despite my frustration with being up so early.

(Bryce continued to stand there and watch until Jason got out of bed at which point Bryce came running and started doing a dance and saying "Daddy got up because he's my bud.")


jason said...

There was no turning back. I can't fall back to sleep easily after 5am, so I figured I better get up and avert any kid crisis.

Heather said...

That's pretty funny! I am betting you will hear about Caroline's comments from her Kindergarten teacher...oh, I can't wait for those stories! Kids say the funniest things!