Saturday, March 07, 2009

You call that a date?

Jason and I had a "date" last night. I call it a date in quotes because I'm sure most people without kids wouldn't call it a date.

My mom called me earlier in the day to see if she could keep the big kids over night and so that got the wheels in my head turning. Maybe, we could drop all 3 kids off at my parents and Jay and I could escape kidless for a few hours and then come back and get Piper before heading home. My mom was game, so we made some plans.

And what were our plans? Well, my IL's were sweet enough to have bought us a membership to Costco last week. We have had a membership to Sam's for about 5 years and while we were happy with the products Sam's sells, we HATE going to the Sam's in our area. It's built in this terribly laid out shopping center where the parking lot is overrun and it's right next door to a large Walmart which seems to attract some of the most "well behaved" and "well mannered" people in the world. (I write in jest.) When you go there, it just feels like a complete zoo, the parking lot is ridiculous, and the traffic surrounding it is NO fun. So we mentioned that when our membership was up this summer, we'd switch over to Costco since it's still in the same general area and it's just not as wacky.

So anyway, because neither of us had been there in YEARS, we wanted to make sure the first time we went that we didn't have kids with us so we could take our time to sample the wares. Hence - a date night. We dropped the kids off at my mom's at 5:30 and headed out to try Five Guys for the first time. YUMMMMMMMM! We'd been wanting to go but we used to have to avoid it because of the boxes of peanuts sitting around due to Bryce's peanut allergy. He outgrew it this fall, but we just never had the chance to go. We left there feeling full and a bit greasy, but considering we rarely eat such unhealthy stuff, a little indulgence now and then isn't going to kill you. And then we made it to Costco and meandered around. And the verdict? Well, it's funny how much wholesale clubs are the same. It's laid out pretty much the same as Sam's and they sell pretty much the same stuff, except for different brands. Jay and I both thought Costco seemed to have a better variety of food though. Although I must say, we were both surprised they only had 2 brands of toilet paper (Charmin and Scott) and our preferred brand is Northern. And they only had 2 brands of diapers - Huggies and store brand - we prefer Pampers. But, in the grand scheme of things, it's not such a big deal. It was nice not being in the Sam's Circus. Of course, it was a Friday night and probably a less busy time to begin with, but it just didn't have the Sam's feel to it that I hate. So we left about $160 lighter but with only the usual stuff we usually buy (frozen chicken, cereal/oatmeal, salmon, Zyrtec) and only one "splurge." (Greek tziki sauce! Sam's hasn't carried it in years! We can have chicken souvlaki this week!)

So we arrived just after 8pm back at my mom's and Miss Piper was ready for bed so we kissed the big kids and headed home. We both passed out on the couch and awoke before midnight and headed up to bed. Piper was up at 6:30am for some milk and now I'm about to go and get ready to pick up the kids and take them to the library. They'll definitely need naps this afternoon, but I plan on getting them out a bunch the next few days since it's going to start feeling like spring! Woohoo!

Oh yeah and we spring forward tonight so that should be fun. The time change always screws up bedtime/awake time. In the spring it makes them harder to put to bed but then they sleep a little later for a short bit. I'll take what I can get.


BJ said...

Love the date night:> We have memberships to both, but luckily they are both in good areas. We use Costco for our pharmacy but my work just switched providers for our health spending accounts so now it is a pain because Costco doesn't take VISA. URG! Now I have to do the paperwork to submit for reimbursement.

Mama said...

If you ate the free samples as you shopped, then its a date! *smile*

Katie said...

We go on Costco dates often, but usually with kids.
Costco has great toys around xmas and also great furniture online. Kirkland brand paper products (tp, paper towels, wipes, & diapers) are good. If you want Pampers, you have to go to BJ's though. :-(
We also buy all of Emily's soy milk there-- it's the only place that sells it in bulk.

Yay for Costco!

P.S. Try their CHURROS!!! Yummy!
P.P.S. Five Guys= yum! We were at our five guys on Friday night.

BJ said...

We buy the soy milk bulk there as well. Best deal out there. Between the soy milk and the pharmacy we figure it pays for the membership.