Saturday, March 28, 2009

Up Close and Personal with Pipes

Here we are with Miss Piper - you'll observe her doing a few things:

1. You'll see a little bit of her wave that she just started doing - it's adorable!

2. You'll see a little bit of her "so big" but because she's holding onto the table leg, she can't do it with both hands.

3. You'll hear a little bit of the the Piper shriek that is common around here these days.

I love how she opens her mouth to try and put her mouth on the table leg but can't quite manage it. She's putting EVERYTHING in her mouth these days to try and help with teething. Piper drool is everywhere it seems....

Oh and b/c she's too cute in this one too...

Oh and Katie, she's wearing her Little Sister shirt that she borrowed from Lucy. Caroline LOVES it!

1 comment:

Katie said...


I love her wave!

And of course, she's looks so stylin' in the lil' sis onesie. ;-)