Sunday, March 01, 2009


Well, it looks like we're finally going to get enough snow for Caroline and Bryce to build a snowman and make legitimate snow angels! Who would have thunk it on March 1? Whatever though, I'll take it! Of course, the snow frolicking will depend a lot on what happens with my work schedule tomorrow. Public schools will, of course, be closed as will their daycare, but colleges and universities aren't always a sure bet. If it does what it says it's going to do, a delay is pretty much the only real guarantee since it's supposed to continue snowing through night and morning but that doesn't mean the university will wait to open at noon. I understand why they open at noon so that afternoon/evening classes can go on but it's a crock for people who leave work at 4:30pm like me. The other part of that crock is that if I don't physically go into the office for the remainder of the day (working from home doesn't count in this instance), you aren't granted any administrative leave for the time the university is closed and you have to use an entire leave day. But honestly, if they do pull something like a noon opening, I'll probably just call it a day.

So onto much more important things - snow play! All 3 kids are fortunate to have snow gear so we are ready in that respect although I am not quite sure what the state of the mittens are for the older two. We've had odd pairs a lot lately. Not that mittens are much help for kids out in the snow since we all know how wet they get within a matter of minutes. I'll be wearing my one piece and Piper has one too! Jason already got the "baby boggin" out in preparation for some snow play. But, I am a little worried about it because I know how bonkers Caroline and Bryce will be in the morning to get out in it but unfortunately, I don't think Piper will want/be able to be out in it for very long. And if Jason goes to work as expected, that might make things a little tough. I might try and put her down for her morning nap, take them out (with baby monitor) and then bring her out when she wakes up. I dunno. I also know the driveway and walk will need to be shoveled. So we'll just have to see how things roll. I should probably gather the supplies to build a snowman tonight because the patience they will have for me to gather that kind of stuff when we are on the verge of going outside is low, to say the least.

So let that beautiful white stuff come on down!!!

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