Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running on Dunkin

Every morning for the past 5 months, the kids and I have been watching the construction of a Dunkin Donuts right up the street from us. Before this, the only close "retail" place was a crappppppy dollar-ish store and a Food Lion (that we don't use very often. When we drive by it, the kids always remarked on how it was looking and asked how soon "our" DD would be open. Well, early on Thursday morning Jason left for work at his usual time and found everything covered in "free coffee" signs. Woohoo! We resisted a visit on opening day but I pointed out to the kids that our DD was now open and we could go for a treat this weekend.

So Saturday morning arrived at 6:45am and we got moving. The big kids got dressed and I thought we were ready to go but then Caroline changed her mind. (She's still not completely herself and had a fever again.) But Bryce and I left at 7:40 and we headed up the street. We each had a gift card from Christmas so we were all charged up and ready to go! Bryce was all set on getting a white hot chocolate (or a vanilla hot chocolate as he insisted) since he's not a big chocolate person - how is he my and Jason's child?? I went the egg white flat bread direction (uber good) and got 2 packs of hashbrowns to share - OMG addictive.

Brought the food home and found we scored and extra bagel by mistake, so Jason was in luck. Caroline took a few sips of her hot chocolate and then left the table after barely touching her bagel - hopefully those abx kick in soon. So now I'm done and Bryce is still sitting in the kitchen enjoying a leisurely breakfast by himself. He's such a slow eater and he's really intent on finishing his bagel and drink.

So a nice start to a Saturday and a nice treat thanks to the gift cards. I don't think DD will be a regular occurrence around here but it's certainly nice for a treat. Can you believe we went to DD and no one even got a donut?


Anonymous said...

I used to go to DD in the mornings before work. I always got hot tea! It was always the best. Don't ask me why!? Crazy thing is that I think I liked their creamer (craaaazy)! That is funny that no one got a donut. I always used to buy Sydney the muchkins as a treat. I think she always knew that her Uncle Stevie would bring them! Gee, I miss her (sigh)! I hope Caroline starts to feel better soon! Poor little thing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Heather said...

Before the nursing home days, I always used to bring Oma a DD donut and coffee as a treat on Sunday mornings...I have since re-started that tradition, to which Oma comments, "...this is just like the old days!" So sweet!