Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Raise Your Hand...

if you HATE the new Facebook? OMG, I hate it. As someone with tech savvy, I am just beside myself how terrible the new homepage is. Who are the idiots that came up with this?

On the previous layout, you could turn you friends "up" or "down" depending on how much news you wanted about them. On this version, you can only turn them "off" or "on."

On the previous layout, the news feed was only comprised of interesting information like status, photos, notes, videos, etc. On this new version, you get all the damn application news. WTH? I HATE IT. You can't turn off other people's applications. Is it enough that I barely use any applications? Nope, still gotta see that someone is giving out easter eggs to all their friends. (Nice but I just don't need to see it.)

I actually "joined" a new application that is a supposed new homepage vote and it's overwhelmingly anti-new homepage. Makes me wonder when FB will get with it. A few weeks ago they listened to users who were so up in arms about the privacy policy so let's hope they'll do the same for this.

Working with technology on a daily basis, I understand that when you deploy upgraded software, people will always be disgruntled, but after a few days of regular use, you get used to it. I don't think that is the case with the new FB. It's just inferior. Although I don't think I'll be going back to Myspace anytime soon. I mean, hardly anyone is there anymore. Why would I do that?


Lisa :-) said...

I totally agree! I do not like the new layout at all. I don't want to see all the "marshmallow peeps" that people are sending. I am not kidding you, the other day one person in my friends list sent 2 pages! Urgh! I also joined the and voted that I hated the new layout! Hopefully, everyone does! :-)

Katie said...

I don't have the application problem, but I also don't do any applications, so maybe that is why?

I feel so disconnected from friends now though. I feel like I can't see their info and status updates as well. I am sad they changed it. I use fb less since the switch.

I hope they change it back too.

Erika said...

I know, K - I totally feel disconnected too!

Oh and L brought something to my attention - if you notice under EVERY place you could comment, it automatically put your photo by it and now they've taken that away so maybe they are listening to feedback?

Let's hope, I miss people!!

Oh and I hardly use ANY applications - none of the "gift" ones and I'm seeing oodles of applications I've never even heard of.

Brother Kev said...

Now there's NO chance of me joining facebook. Thanks for the info.

Erika said...

Actually Kev, you'd probably like to know that it's not as addictive as it used to be and you don't feel as obligated to respond to everything, so I think it would suit you better. Plus, you wouldn't know any different.

Did you notice there are 86 people in the group that want you to join now!!!???

Brother Kev said...

How would I possibly notice that?

Erika said...

Maybe Kelly told you?