Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Piper, The Little Rascal

We've really got to keep our eyes on our youngest these days. A babe in arms no more - this little girl is on the move. She crawls incredibly fast - from one room to the next without a sound. This morning she was trying to pull herself up on the coffee table and bonked her forehead on the shelf. She's got a bruise to show for it.

Then after her 2nd nap, I heard her up there yapping and so I finished up the craft I was working on with C & B in the kitchen and then went up. I opened her door and to my surprise, there she was, standing and looking at me with both hands on the top of the crib rail. It's a good thing we decided a few weeks ago to start making the effort to always put the crib rail up. (We never "raised" the crib after we lowered it with Caroline, so it's always been at the lowest level for both Bryce and Piper.)

A little while later, we were all upstairs getting dressed and I left Piper in her room playing with some toys so I could brush my teeth. A few minutes later I heard a thrilled shriek and went to investigate. There was Piper standing at the upstairs railing looking down the steps as proud as could be. (We always close the gate at the top of the steps now too now that she's often on the loose.)

The only problem with this whole supported standing thing is that she hasn't figured out how to get down yet and will either fall and bonk her head or stand there and cry. Occasionally she'll mistakenly happen to bounce down on her butt, but not very often.

She's also taken to trying to entertain us at the dinner table and while you're feeding her, she'll blow raspberries - or I guess it's not raspberries when she's eating peas, sweet potatoes or whatever. It's pleasant to have baby food spit all over you. But at least the big kids get a kick out of it - which worries me. Will she continue to try to make them laugh? It's funny that she's become a little joker already.

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