Saturday, March 28, 2009

Out of the Mouths of 2 Silly Kids

The kids have been saying more funny stuff than usual lately. Here are a few snippets....

1. Bryce knows he's not supposed to get into Jason's bedside table drawers because the top one is full of pocket change that the kids like to play with. Bryce will even say, "You NEVER take Daddy's money." But last night, he went in and helped himself to a coin and he announced to Jason, "Daddy, I had to go and take one of your money because my pig [his piggy bank] was hungry!"

2. This evening my SIL, Kelly and her husband, Jesse, came over for dinner and a visit. After dessert Kelly and I were chatting and she said something about being little and having chicken pox. Bryce pipes up, "Sugar pops?? How did you have sugar pops?" (I guess the vaccine is wiping out the knowledge of the disease too!)

3. Before dinner this evening, Caroline was in the playroom with Aunt Kelly and she whispered to her, "I think Bertie is older than Pop Pop. She's 58 and she's STILL alive. Ms. Delores is 50 and she's still alive too!"

4. Just after Kelly and Jesse arrived, the kids got to talking about the alphabet and the letter Z came up. Kelly asked what words they know that start with Z and Caroline says, without a pause, "ZYRTEC!!" (I guess it's allergy season, huh? Pfizer would be so proud.) She also went onto name a few more typical Z words but I liked that Zyrtec is her first Z word to come to her mind.

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Katie said...

My piggy bank is hungry too. Hee hee.
And I'm 32 and still alive. ;-)

All good ones!