Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No Tighty Whities for Bryce

I guess it's just something kids are very concerned about - the color and look of their underwear. You figure, for 2-4 years, they are wearing diapers of some sort and so when they make the transition to being big kids and wearing big kid underwear, it's a very big deal. Caroline has told me on several occassions that she does NOT like white underwear - of course she doesn't like white socks either as shown with her loud and colorful sock choices each day. Turns out, Bryce isn't much different.

As we were potty training, he had a handful of underwear that were decorated with various things that little boys like - Thomas, Cars, etc - and he LOVED showing you what was on his butt that day. So once he was finally trained, he clearly needed more underpants so I bought a 6 pack at Target that were white with a gray band on the top. Big mistake. Bryce will NOT wear plain white underwear. Nope. No how. I've even tried telling him that a certain extended family member that Bryce loves (who shall remain nameless) will ONLY wear white underpants no matter what. Nope, no dice. I asked him if I could draw a big smiley face on the back and if he'd wear them - Nope.

So I'm going to need to go to the store this weekend and pick up a pack of colorful (probably covered in some cartoon character) underpants. He's growing out of some of the really small ones he started with and needs some more so we aren't doing his laundry all the time.

Another funny caveat to this is that quite often in the evenings as we are getting the kids undressed for bathtime, they will recount the day by telling me what other kids at school had on their underpants that day. Caroline has been thrilled on several occassions to see that some of the other girls in her class have the same underpants that she does. Or she'll tell me how "pretty" some of the girls underwear are. And I can't help but laugh when she'll tell me she likes MY underpants. I guess underwear really are a big deal to little kids - it's just one of those little innocent kid things that I love. They are proud of what is under their pants and don't care if it's showing. Plus, we've gotten in the habit of calling Caroline's underpants "panties" even though it's a word I LOATHE. But hearing her say it, actually makes me have a fondess for it, I never expected it. (And how cute do little kid bums look in underpants?)

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Anonymous said...

And what characters do you have on your underpants? :-) !!!!!