Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Puter

Well, the shiny (literally) new computer is here! Man oh man, it's so glossy! And the monitor? Woweeee. It's like 22inches WIDE. OMG. I wish I had one like this at work.

But a new computer without the help of an old one means you're starting from scratch in a lot of ways. Jason hasn't given it a full attempt yet to try and extract the important data from our old hard drive yet so I'm trying to settle in here as much as possible. Got the new MS Office set up and my email accounts along with bookmarks, passwords, and the like. I've also double copied all my photos so we're safe on that again.

I still have to see if my music can be salvaged since it's on my digital music player but lost on the hard drive. Fingers crossed on that. I am also hoping that I haven't lost all my digital creations that were on the old hard drive too.

Oh and I updated the Piper 8 month old post below with a comparison with Caroline and Bryce at 8 months old. If you care to check it out.....

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