Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Piper

A one armed push-up for you - she's hard core already:


BJ said...

She is just getting so old already! Such a cutie. She looks so much like you and the rest of the family too.

Jammie J. said...

It's so amazing how quickly they accomplish their milestones. But so sad, too, it's like everyday they're putting another piece of their babyhood behind them.

Have to say, though, love the baby roll on her leg. Num, num, num. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a babydoll! I love looking at pics of the kids!
Pipes has a little orangish nose going on...loves those orange veggies! Calling her "Punkin" is fitting :-)

Lisa :-) said...

Soooo cute! Great age.

Mama said...

She is YOU 100%. Wow! She's growing up so fast.