Friday, March 20, 2009

Mmmm, Target.

Just got back from a little shopping spree that was mostly all for me. Very unusual. And where did I do most of my shopping? Well, Target, of course. It wasn't my actual intention to buy so much because I didn't expect Target to have so many things that caught my fancy -clothing wise.

Anyway, now I'm about $100 lighter but came back with 2 sweaters, 1 t-shirt, 1 pair of khakis, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of capris, and a khaki skirt! I'd say that's a lot of clothes for $100. And since I had some Christmas money left over, it was about $86 out of my pocket. And this was after I was able to get 2 new pairs of shoes with my other Christmas money on my first stop this morning.

Of course, I had to buy some stuff for the kids and found matching bathing suits for Caroline and Piper and got all 3 kids a new shorts/t-shirt outfit too. I'm really going to be sad when Caroline is done with the "T" sizes because then it will be much harder to find matching outfits for the girls until Piper gets bigger. Caroline LOVES matching Piper, so I indulge her because I know this won't last for long. I know she can wear the XS or 4-6x sizes in girls now, but for a matching outfit I'll still check for some 5T stuff. Although her legs are certainly getting longer and shorts look very short on her now.

In other news, the shopping center where our Target is has been all ripped up lately. Prior to the Target opening about 4 years ago, there wasn't much left in that old shopping center since the Ames and Superfresh had gone out of business years before. But since Target moved in, I think it must have renewed some confidence in the area because it's doing well and I wondered what in the world they were putting in after tearing down the old grocery store. Well the cashier told me they are putting in a Kohl's which is so funny b/c I just told Jason the other day how odd I thought it was that there wasn't a Kohl's near us. My MIL loves that store near her! They're also tearing down the abandoned Popeye's and putting in a Chick-Fil-A. I'm telling you - it's getting quite ritzy around these parts! Ha! What's next? A Wegman's? (fat chance) All I want though is for Peapod to deliver to my house and I'll be happy.


Anonymous said...

OOOOHHH a Kohls's I was wondering what was going there. And a CFA, man where was this shopping center when I lived over there! And we're getting a Kohl's in Perry Hall too! WOO HOO!

Glad you founf deals at Target - I need to go clothes shopping and Target is always a good spot to check out. Did you get a Starbucks too :)

Anonymous said...

Duh - that was me - Viv!

Katie said...

Which bathing suits did you get? I bought my girls some suits there. I had an impossible time choosing b/c they were all so cute!

I am due for some spring clothes shopping-- perhaps I should try Target!

P.S. You'll have to move to Gymboree to get coordinating looks for C & P now. It's not quite as affordable as Target, but you can get some awesome deals if you know how to hit the coupons & sales.

Erika said...

I got the pink and white striped ones. I wanted the purple ones with multi-colored polka dots but they didn't have it in Piper's size. I had a hard time deciding between the one I got and the pastel paisley-ish one.

I am a Gymboree idiot - I don't know if I've really ever been in there. (I hardly EVER go to the mall.) Do they have girl's sizes above 5T?

Target has their khakis on sale through tomorrow for $16!!!! They are stain and wrinkle resistant. I think they're Merona brand. I was shocked how nice they were.

Katie said...

Ahhh, you liked the "fruit loop" bathingsuit? (That's what Emily called the purple one.) I thought the paisley one was pretty, but I thought that extra fabric would be in the way when it was wet. I LOVED the pink stripe ones, but none in Emily's size. I will try to pick one up at another Target. I ended up getting the blue butterfly one for Lucy with the blue butterfly rash guard bathing suit for the beach. I got Emily the brown & pink rash guard and the coordinating pink "hearts" bathingsuit. I wanted to get her the blue polka-dot with the ruffles on the tush (LOVE tush ruffles), but she wanted pink.

Gymboree does have "girls" sizes up to 10 or 12 and they coordinate with the Little Girls lines which go from 0-5T.

Go online and sign up for their mailing list b/c they send 20% coupons every now & then. You take the 20% coupon and buy when the clothes get marked down to 40% off (and no less). That is when you score the super-great deals (besides Thanksgiving). The key is to wait for the coupon and only buy at 40% off (online often has more selection). Sometimes, if I really like something, I'll buy with coupon and at 20% off.

When you time it right and buy with coupon it is affordable and better quality (which is good if you want C's stuff to make it to P's wardrobe).

I could write a book on Gymboree purchasing.