Sunday, March 01, 2009

If you like Buffalo Chicken....


Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

OH MY GAWD! This is sooooooooooooo good. Jason scarfed down 2 big servings and both my parents loved it too! (We didn't even bother torturing the kids with it.) It does have some bite to it, but nothing that a person who likes buffalo sauce can't handle. Yummmmmmmmy!

I followed the instructions pretty much exactly as written but I used a 1/2 cup water at the end instead of just 1/4. I used Frank's Buffalo Wing sauce and I used a jar of Tomato Basil pasta sauce.

GOOD GOOD GOOD! While it's a crockpot recipe, it's not a time saver crockpot recipe. You have to cook the chicken ahead of time and there's 3 bell peppers to chop, so not something you probably have time for before work. But it's a great recipe for when you have time in the morning to cook but not later in the afternoon.

I can't wait for leftovers tomorrow at lunch!

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