Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Far I've Come

I was thinking this evening about how far I've come as a working mom and getting my kids out of the house in the morning. I remember how hard it was for me managing 2 kids in the morning right after Bryce was born and I'd returned to work. Caroline was almost 2 and I remember being so frustrated and frazzled that many mornings we left the house without even brushing her teeth or combing her hair. And that was back when they both ate breakfast at daycare.

So flash forward to now where I'm getting the 2 of them up and fed before we leave along with nursing Piper (time consuming) and getting her all dressed and together. Granted, they both are a little more competent than they used to be but they both require constant vigilance if I want them to stay on task. Caroline is fairly self sufficient as long as I nag the heck out of her to move onto the next morning milestone. I know I must get repetitive because sometimes they'll bark the orders back at me. GET DRESSED! EAT! BRUSH YOUR TEETH! STOP CHASING EACH OTHER! STOP FIGHTING! STOP PINNING PIPER DOWN! STOP PLAYING IN THE WATER! GET YOUR COAT! DON'T TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF! PIPER, DID YOU POOP? CAROLINE YOU CAN'T WEAR SHORTS IN 30 DEGREE WEATHER! WHY IS PIPER SCREAMING? STOP PLAYING WITH DOORS!

Whew! Granted not all mornings are bad - in fact most of them are reasonable and we have some special moments/time together. This morning as I was getting Bryce dressed and he was frustrating me because after each article of clothing was put on, he'd walk away. As usual when I get frustrated with him lately and have to get a little stern, he says, "Mommy, you still love me when you're mad at me." To which I ALWAYS reply, "Yes Bryce, I love you no matter what. I just do not like your behavior sometimes, but I will always love you." Well, this morning after I said that he says, "Mommy, sometimes you go to work and you miss me and you look at my picture and start to cry." At this point, HE starts to tear up and wipes his eyes. Cue the big mommy bear hug and the reassurance that yes, mommy does miss Bryce very much when I'm at work and I have a big picture of him on my desk that I smile at frequently during the day. That made him smile and we continued on our way.

It's really funny because I think back to how my mornings have evolved and how my attitude has changed about them. Even though there is always a possibility that the morning could go badly, I don't dread them. I take them as they come and take the good with the bad. I've learned a few tricks along the way and figured out the ingredients that often yield the best outcomes. There are never any guarantees, but making small changes and concessions definitely helps.

Now the next hurdle of figuring out how things will go next year when Caroline starts kindergarten. Even though it's stressing me out now, I'm sure I'll rise to the occasion and make it seem like old hat in no time. At least that is how I reassure myself when anxiety gets the best of me.


Unknown said...

It's amazing how we adapt as moms! It used to take me 40 minutes or more to get JUST Ben as a baby out the door in the morning...

Btw, doesn't one child seem like such a cakewalk now? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bryce will probably always be your heart talking. He's so sweet!