Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Good Stuff Around My House

Amidst the end of winter/early spring blahs, there is a lot of stuff going on in my house if you stop and really take notice.

Caroline - Current Obssession - Loose Teeth

A couple of kids at school are starting to lose teeth which has set off the "loose tooth alert" in Caroline. She is constantly putting her fingers on her teeth and attempting to wiggle them. Usually, she thinks they are wiggly because her finger moves on them and when I touch them and tell her they aren't loose, she's a little sad. But, this past weekend we had dental checkups at which point she talked the hygenist's ear off on an array of topics including the loose tooth watch. Well, the hygenist gave them all a look and said that one of her bottom baby teeth is starting the process of loosening. And then she told me (kind of aside) that it would still be a while before it fell out. Of course, this made Caroline ecstatic and she could not wait to get to school on Monday to tell everyone about this loosening tooth. She shows me every chance she gets how it's loose although it's still not loose enough for me to notice. She's also told me that MeeMaw (my paternal grandmother) is making her a tooth pillow just like I had. (It's a pillow in the shape of a tooth that has a pocket for the tooth on the back - makes it much easier on the tooth fairy!) I lost my first tooth sometime in the spring after my 6th birthday so we'll see if Caroline keeps up being like me since she didn't get her first tooth until later too - almost 10 months old!

Her other interest lately is in reading and she has come home from school so proud of the reading she is doing. She is absolutely hungry to read and memorizes everything she can so that she can say she's reading. Another funny thing she's been doing lately is memorizing other kids' addresses. They practice their home address/phone number a lot in school and Miss Caroline has taken to memorizing where other kids live too along with knowing all their parents' names too. She thinks it's hilarious to tell me where certain kids live and I'm shocked that she's usually right.

Oh and Caroline is also very interested lately in wearing summer clothes. She comes home, takes off her regular clothes and puts on any shorts or t-shirt that she can find. I think she's ready for some summery weather.

Bryce - Current Obsession - Letters and What Words Start With

Someone, save me please! While this new interest is a great one and very reflective of Bryce's intelligence and curiousity for learning, it's driving us a little batty. But, we continue to indulge him and play along because it's the alphabet for pete's sake! So how does this go around our house??? Well here's a sample script:

Bryce: Mommy, what does juice start with?

Me or Jay: What do you think, Bryce?

Bryce: (makes j sound) J! Juice starts with J!!!!

Me or Jay: That's right Bryce, very good!

Bryce: Mommy, what does bowl start with?

Me or Jay: What do you think, Bryce?

Bryce: (makes B sound) B! Bowl starts with B!!!!

And on and on and on. It's funny because he asks but if you ask him, he knows. Obviously he has trouble with discerning C and K and other "harder" words, but boy is he working hard on this. And of course, when he starts up with it, Caroline always joins in so that she'll get some attention for her smarts as well.

Bryce is also really working on getting himself compltely dressed/undressed on his own and combing his own hair too - he's a developmental fest over in these parts!

Piper - Current Obsession - Crawling and Pulling Up

Yes, she mastered crawling about a month ago, but man oh man, is this little girl on the go. She seems to be EVERYWHERE all at once and is pulling up on anything she can get her hands on. Bathtime, while fun for splashing and laughing, is a bit perilous since she's always trying to stand up. Not exactly safe! She loves to get herself standing up and then to yell or laugh at you. She thinks she's very talented.

She's also been entertaining us with the beginnings of clapping and her response to "How big is Piper?" (Sooooooooo big - with both hands over her head!) And lest we forget how much this baby bird likes to eat - that little mouth pops for another bite before you can even get the spoon back to the bowl to load it up again. She's totally loving Gerber Puffs, Wagon Wheels, and Cheerios too. Last night she even ate her first table food - banana! Overall, she is such a happy and easy baby - we all just love her to pieces. She's just so social and her brother and sister cannot get enough of her either. Piper was definitely the addition to our family we needed. What a sweet baby!

So that's what's been going on around here - busy, noisy, fun.

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Katie said...

I like the current obsession updates! I'm going to make that a theme on my blog, like emilyisms. I keep meaning to record these things!

C would have loved Kiely's bday party. One of Kiely's friends ran into another kid and both of his front teeth fell out. We all freaked until we were told they were wiggly before hand.