Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Start

After another fever last night and Caroline just seeming listless, the doctor fit her in before 8am this morning. Of course, she woke up without a real fever for the first time this morning and was considerably more perky, but her cough sounded terrible. He gave her the once over and decided she has the beginnings of bronchitis so he gave her an Rx for the Z-pack and sent us on our merry way. Woohoo! So I was back home again around 8:30am having dropped the Rx off. I nursed Piper, gave the kids a kiss and made it to work before 9:30.

My wonderful MIL came down and is staying with all 3 kids today. Piper and Bryce could have gone to school/daycare, but Jason wanted them home today. But I know how much they all enjoy one another, so I hope they're having a good day and behaving. My IL's and mom have been so helpful during this nasty germ season and I don't know what I would have done without their assistance and willingness to take care of the kids so many days this winter. Jason and I are extremely grateful for all the help since without them, we each would have missed a LOT more workdays than we already did. Whew! So with any luck, all 3 kids will be back into our normal routine on Monday.

So I'm rocking and rolling here at work this morning and turning out a bunch of completed projects that have been nagging at me all week.

I'm tired though. All this stuff going on is wearing on me. I definitely could use a weekend right about now. And next weekend, thanks to an imposed furlough day, I get a 3 day weekend. Woohoo!

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Katie said...

Yay for 3 day weekends and for IL's who like to babysit ! (I wish I had some of those.)