Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full Head

I just have so much on my mind these days. And while nothing is truly bad or terrible, it's just the cumulative effect of it all.

1. Caroline is still not well. We had hoped that she might be able to go back to school today. Jason checked her at 6am and she didn't have a temp. But, at 6:30, I checked her and she was shivering and up to over 100. She's got a nasty cough and maybe some congestion. If she has any kind of temp elevation tomorrow and/or the cough is worse or no better, she's headed to the doctor's.

2. Piper has a snotty cold and cough - thankfully no fever. And I'm sure she's teething. She's been cranky which isn't like her and snot just comes out of her nose constantly. Plus, because of all this, she's night waking/nursing again.

3. Bryce has been healthy so far (fingers crossed) and he's been a bit like a caged animal. I got him to go to school yesterday and today but today was a bit harder since Jason was staying home and he loves his daddy.

4. Our desktop PC bit the dust on Tuesday morning. No warnings or anything. Thankfully, all of photos and financial data is backed up on an external hard drive. Although about 2-3 weeks of photos might be missing. Jason has already ordered a new machine since it's highly unlikely that this one is fixable after running a bunch of diagnostics on it. He is still hopeful that he'll be able to make the old hard drive a slave drive and extract some things that we'd really like to get off of it like our address database (oy!) and SNIFF SNIFF, our GROCERY DATABASE. You know, the one we've compiled with all the items we need each week and with aisle numbers from our local grocery store. Plus our montly menus from the past 3 years. Ack. I didn't realize Jason didn't have it set up to backup automatically daily. At least we invested in the external hard drive so we didn't have what happened 6 years ago and we lost about 9 months of photos before Caroline was born. It just makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. You don't realize how much you rely on a computer until it's down. Thankfully, I have a work laptop that will fit the bill until the new one ships to us in a few weeks.

5. Work stuff. I've just got a lot going on at work and with missing time every week because of a sick kid or something, it's just wearing on me.

6. The economy is bugging me too. While I don't have any real worries about our own finances right now, constantly hearing about it and all the potential out there thanks to the overly dramatic media, really will bring you down. I'm reading what the governor is saying about the budget as well and wonder how that will affect my job. I don't think I'm in a position to lose my job, but there is talk of paycuts and such. Who knows what else may be in store.

7. And we've got so many household projects that need to be done, but I don't know when they will happen. Or if they do happen, it means that one of us is doing kid duty (usually me) until the other partner is done.

8. Oh and I'm sooooooooo tired of pumping. Just so tired of it. Only a little over 3 months left, I keep telling myself.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a spa day!
~ Viv

Anonymous said...

Come on Viv...she's also dogged by the economy!
I wish I could whisk it all away...believe me.
We all are in the same boat with day to day worries but venting does help.

Katie said...

MNO please!

I am having PTS over the your computer issues. Stupid computers. Hope you get your shopping lists back. I can't believe how diligent you guys are on your lists. Maybe if I had a detailed list like that I could trust L to do the shopping?

I can't believe C is still stick. Sounds serious. I hope she is okay. You need a vacay.

Ugh Pumping.