Monday, March 30, 2009

We Love Spring!

Since we're not religious, we don't get into the whole Lent/Easter season observance and celebration. I've never been a big gungho Easter person, anyway. I've got a random smattering of Easter decor that I have always forgotten to put up and really not thought a lot about, until this year. The kids are old enough now to really get a kick out of the springtime/Easter stuff and I'm happy to oblige. Now, I don't have a lot of Easter decor, but to the kids, it's a lot and it's different, so they were very excited! Plus, I think celebrating the beginnings of seasons is a really fun and educational thing for kids, even if you're not celebrating it for religious reasons.

So in addition to some recent spring time art work and some paper bunnies that Piper's daycare provider sent home for them, I got out what I could dig out in the basement. First, I found the window clings and let them decorate the slider with the bunny and egg clings. Then, I dug out a singing rabbit with a popping up chick singing some funny song that my mom gave them a few years ago. And in some cleaning I even found a cute bunny candle holder. Then came the piece de resistance! Decorating the outdoor tree with plastic eggs!! I strung a bunch of eggs with yarn and fishing line and we went to work on our not yet Flowering Pear tree. And yesterday was such a warm day, it really felt like we were welcoming spring as we did it. The kids were thrilled with the end result and told me it looks "so beautiful." I think it looks rather festive too. Of course, in just a few weeks, the tree will be all flowery and probably have lots of bees on it. I wonder if I'll have to cut the eggs down because they won't come off as easy as they went on once flowers and leaves have sprung. Now I need to go down and find my silk tulips and daffodils before I forget again.

But, I'm so happy early spring weather has sprung and that March is going out like a lamb as it's supposed to.

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