Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cutting Our Losses

Well, our new PC arrived early this week and we are adjusting to the new machine and not having the ease of transition from the old machine. It's a really fantastically fast PC and I'm not even too bugged by Vista, so I guess that's good. Jason spent a few hours this morning working on the old one trying to get it to release some of the lost data but to no avail. That thing really went kaput without ANY warning. This morning I spent a good deal of time getting our old grocery Access database going again. Jason and I have pretty much memorized the store so we know where most things are. It's just a matter of building up the potential items again. I think we had nearly 300 items in it before and after today's grocery list/run, it's only got 58.

The other loss is our address database and thankfully in the internet culture we live in, finding someone's address in a pinch is usually pretty easy. However, please accept my apologies if you don't get a Christmas card this year and were expecting one. We'll do our best to make sure everyone we usually send them to gets one but without my historical data it's a bit harder.

I've also lost a good deal of my email addresses and handy bookmarks as well. Of course Facebook has saved most of my contacts since just about everyone I know (ahem, Kevin) is on Facebook so if I really need their email address, I can either find it on their page or just send them a message. Pretty freaking great, if you ask me. But again, if I haven't emailed you in a while, you will know why.

As for our photos, we seem to have lost our photos on our machine from 2/8 through March 7. However, I had uploaded a bunch of photos to my Facebook and Google accounts so I was able to recover the snow day, Piper's 7 month shots, and a few others. The only thing I lost were the photos of Caroline and Bryce at G's birthday party at the end of February since I hadn't uploaded them anywhere online.

I also lost a bunch of typed up copies of recipes, but most of them are printed out in hard copy in my recipe box, so all is not completely lost. And heck, I got most of them online anyway, so it's not too hard to find them again either.

I think my biggest loss though are all my digital creations/scrapping I've done. While I had backed up oodles of my actual elements over a year ago, I didn't back up the actual creations. Although I did save a bunch of them on my Facebook account so they're not lost forever but I'm a little sad about it. Plus, I collect digital freebies all year and I lost ALL that I'd been saving since my last backup and that's a bummer too.

Oh and filed under my "WTF?" category is the music we lost. All my MP3s are fine but any of the files that I downloaded from Urge music service, are locked. Urge went belly up about 2 years ago and on the old machine they continue to play but on a new machine it's looking for the licensing which you can only get from the online service that no longer exists. We use Rhapsody now, which absorbed Urge, and they were NO help. Basically told me "sorry about your luck" so you can bet, from now on, I'll be converting all my downloaded music into MP3 format right away. I'm also looking into some relatively inexpensive software that will let me convert the DRM protected WMAs into MP3 format. Jason is looking into it as well. I understand that these companies need to protect their music but the fact that I can't renew the license b/c the company is gone is pretty messed up.

I'm sure there are other things I haven't even thought about yet, but those are the biggies. Thankfully though, since this wasn't our 1st hard drive loss we learned our lesson pretty well the first time and were not as devastated as we were were in 2003. We learned again from this one and hopefully if this were to happen again we'll be in better shape. It's just amazing how much your life is intertwined with technology without even realizing it. You work, you play, you socialize.

Live and die by the computer, I suppose.

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