Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Brothers Just Don't Understand

Now that Piper is mobile, she's very interested in everything she sees. Of course all the big kids have colorful toys and they are the first thing she goes for. But, this is not too much to the liking of older siblings. Caroline is pretty good about it though and knows what Piper can and can't have and if Piper is coming for something, Caroline moves it. But Bryce, well, he doesn't quite get it. Bryce seems to think that telling Piper she can't have something or yelling "NO!" at her will work. The other day, I was playing Cars with C & B and I built them a garage for Mater out of some blocks. Well, those red and blue blocks were too much for Piper to resist and she crawled over and snatched them right away. Well, Bryce freaked out and says, "NO PIPER! Put those back!!" And then when she didn't, he got angry!

We keep trying to tell him that while Piper is old enough to grab things, she's not old enough to understand that she can't have them or to understand instructions (let alone follow them). But then, Bryce is only 3 1/2 and clearly this is a difficult concept so we have to keep reminding him what Piper is capable of. He didn't like that I wouldn't put Piper in time out either. I guess he's expecting equal treatment and I know those days will come, but not soon enough for Bryce.


Anna said...

I have a feeling we'll be repeating this situation in about a year!

Mama said...

oh man! poor guy.